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Your ability to have good health today, and achieve the best results possible, requires a few basic things:

  • Accurate tools or methods 
  • Effective home remedies 
  • Quality products

And of course, a willingness to believe it is possible combined with the desire to take the necessary steps for positive change. 

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I speak from experience when I say, you need to know what is wrong, what you need to fix it, combined with proper food choices, and then, your health will have the ability to heal and correct itself. 

You're at the right place

Here you will find real health success stories and a unique tool you likely have NEVER heard of before that is designed to help you succeed in your health goals.  

We suggest only the products and methods we personally use and know first hand have worked best!

Have you already spent time and money trying to find answers to help you get the good health results you were looking for before you got here today? 

Maybe your even feeling like no one is listening or understands?

Then you're at the right place.  I built this site for people like you and me, who may be frustrated, fearful or fed up.  So come on in and take a look around.

What this good health site offers you

  • Personal experience
  • Education and training
  • Teaching simple methods
  • Solutions and tools
  • Home remedies
  • Best products today
  • FREE pdf health treatments
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Consultations
  • Wellness Services
  • Guided Meditation
  • Holistic pet health
  • Contests and more
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You’re not alone.

I'm here to help you navigate through the countless products, opinions, methods and marketing hype to find good health answers and tools so you can see results today, like this Simple Health Test to quickly help improve anyones success; no matter their current state or condition.

Who am I? 

Someone who’s been there and tried that, a daughter who was afraid, a person who was sick and tired, a woman who wanted a better way and a mother who needed quick solutions. And it wasn’t easy.

I have spent decades searching, reading, studying, learning and more money then I care to think about to learn what I know today. No one should have to struggle or work that hard to find easy answers that actually work.

I encourage you to read more about me and my story here.

Throughout this site, you will find workshops, articles, products, health services, tools and more to help you on your own journey from just existing to living life!

As a single mom I learned valuable lessons about food basics and how to save on groceries.  This led to amazing raw food health benefits I never imagined. 

My love for animals allowed me to find ways to create healthy pets too.  I’ve learned health secrets like Ionic foot detox, using tuning forks and dangers of electromagnetic waves (EMF). 

The home remedies and information found here at health results today, are the very things that saved my mother and myself.  

If you’d like information on a specific topic, please feel free to contact me. You may not find all answers here, but even just one small piece that fits can make a huge difference, I know :)

SO MUCH MORE ... coming soon

Like this invaluable tool, a Simple Health Test designed to help you succeed.  Made to help you save time and money because "what works for one, does not mean that it works for everyone!"

I will continue to share decades of our health success stories with you, what will yours be?

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About Me

Hi, I'm Jennell...

A busy 49yr old mother & grandmother who 'learned' the how to's of health ... today I help others do the same!


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