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To achieve good health results today requires effective home remedies, quality products and useful tools to get you there!

I bring you here, valuable information and health tips so YOU CAN achieve the dramatic results you want without spending decades trying to find solutions, like we had to.

I will share with you my families health secrets through personal stories and experiences so you can understand how it is possible for you too starting today!  

Maybe you are looking for a natural pain relief product without the side effects of some arthritis remedies? Need a hair growth treatment or effective dog ear cleaner?

I know you’ve already spent time and money trying to find answers to achieving good health results before you got here today.  You could be frustrated, or even fearful like I was.  Feeling like no one is listening or understands your problems?

What This Site Has To Offer You:

  • 25 + yrs education
  • 20 + yrs working knowledge 
  • 15+ yrs teaching wellness
  • personal experiences overcoming illness
  • natural, simple, safe methods
  • solutions won't compromise quality for price
  • products & health tools that actually work
  • several solutions for any one health issue
  • free pdf health treatments
  • workshops & contests
  • in clinic & on line wellness services
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You’re not alone.

I built this site to help you navigate through the countless products, opinions, methods and marketing hype to find good health answers and tools so you can see results today, like my Simple Health Test to quickly improve anyones odds for success no matter your current state.

Who am I? 

Someone who’s been there and tried that, a daughter who was afraid, a person who was sick and tired, a woman who wanted a better way and a mother who needed quick solutions. And it wasn’t easy.

I have spent decades searching, reading, studying, learning and more money then I care to think about to learn what I know today. No one should have to struggle or work that hard to find easy answers that actually work.

Read more about me and my story here.

My best advice, what works for one, doesn’t mean it works for everyone!  (Here's a TIP:  a Simple Health Test can help you figure that out, so fast and easy too.)

Throughout this site, you will find workshops, articles, products, health services, tools and more to help you on your own journey from just existing to living life!

As a single mom I learned valuable lessons about food basics and how to save on groceries.  This led to amazing raw food health benefits I never imagined. 

My love for animals allowed me to find ways to create healthy pets too.  I’ve learned health secrets like Ionic foot detox, using tuning forks and dangers of electromagnetic waves. 

The home remedies and information found here at health results today, are the very things that saved my mother and myself.  

If you’d like information on a specific topic, please ask me. You may not find all answers here, but even just one small piece can make a huge difference, I know :)

SO MUCH MORE ... coming soon

Want a really quick method that can improve your health dramatically?   One that will easily give you the answer you need?

I will be bringing you my signature Simple Health Test that you can do and use in ANY situation - a real game changer that can improve the quality of your life in less than 5 minutes!  

New content and valuable information will be posted on a regular basis for you to use for yourself, your friends, family and even your pets!  

You will be seeing our video channel shortly to watch and learn the most amazing techniques ever to help you improve your life now in ways you might not have even imagined.

So please, book mark this page, share it and tell your friends as I will bring you these and more...coming soon!

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Hi, I'm Jennell...

A busy 49yr old mother & grandmother who 'learned' the how to's of health ... today I help others do the same!


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