It's not a healthy diet plan or exercise!

Good health results today are no longer based on 'complicated' healthy diet plans, using expensive products, participating in on-going therapies or invasive treatments, using drugs with side effects, aquiring special skills or even having a degree.

We already know that what you eat and even more so HOW you eat it, is important, so is fresh air and exercise. But more important is having your bodies own specific "good health blue print" - this is vital. More than a healthy diet plan, it's a design for your own bodies specific health needs - based entirely on YOU!

Determine what is GOOD or BAD for YOU, as an individual:

Give your body what it needs so that it will have the ability to then correct itself, by knowing what is 'good' or 'bad' for you, as an individual. What is good for me or your friend does not mean it is good for you or everyone else! Knowing the difference tips the health scale your way.

Good health and a healthy diet plan are unique to each person. What affects one peron in a positive manner, or giving them what they need, may affect another in a negative way, like a side effect or allergy perhaps. Trial & error isn't the best approach.

Discover YOUR most effective way to lasting changes:

If you want improved good health but nothing has worked for you, we have the tool you need. The most simple solution for common issues to even more complex concerns. Affordable, effective, safe and above all uniquely yours!.

Our method is based on experience, education, training, real life situations and our own clinic results. All of which has been compiled over the past 30 years or so. Simple to use anytime, anywhere you need it.

A never fail approach to life changing results. This method IS the reason we personally saved our own health. This technique has been the corner stone of our clinic success and our most popular workshop - hands down!

Save your time, save your money, save your health

This method has often saved me from potential health risk by knowing the difference so I could avoid it. Don't fall prey to something that 'might work' because it did for someone else or because the advertisement was good.

We have perfected and taught Body Response for many years, we use it everyday to ensure good health. It helps to quickly avoid a mistake or easily determine a positive choice. Similar in nature to 'muscle testing', 'sensitivity testing' or compatibility testing', but FAR more accurate.


The RIGHT way and WRONG way to test - a true story

I remember one afternoon my husband and I browsed a local fair. We stumbled upon a vendor of 'magnetic therapy' who to the untrained eye, 'tested' my husband and determined a 'strong' reaction.

I am not against magnets, I use to carry them, but they are not safe for everyone. I proceeded to show the man, through a proper 'test' how his magnetic was in fact weakening my husbands heart.

If his version of testing was fully carried out, he'd of realized this. (I thought my husbands sudden pale complextion and beads of sweat were enough of a clue for the man to notice...) He simply stated that 'it can take time to get use to'....scarry?

They are also available as bracelets for children and collars for pets! This would be ok IF the child or animal required it for their negative health and did not cause harm elsewhere.

Body Response can let you know without 'guessing' or hoping it might be beneficial for improved good health and eliminate the unknown possibility of an actual health risk.




Here's a glimpse of what we offer:

* over 25 yrs education & training
* over 20 yrs working experience
* knowledge on HOW TO overcame ill health
* naturally, simply and safely.
* in the comfort of your own home

* no products or services to buy
* real solutions that work
* many free pdf health treatments...



We developed our own health method called 'Body Response'. This combines our BEST health techniques into ONE unique method - in the form of a self help VIDEO! It has taken us years to use, learn and develop this!

No need for ANY products, services or drugs here! This method alone has been the corner stone of our own personal and business success, even for our pets too!

The ultimate combination we used successfully and shared, with astonishing good health results. A healthy diet plan and body response it fast tracked our success!!!

It helped us discover what to do - quickly. We bring you this and more...



There are good and bad in ALL industries...
...but too often it simply boils down to money.

First we must understand how pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors OWN our health industry. From diagnosing to treating, using common language we know and understand, advertising, safety regulations and providing access to necessary health information (needed to make a more informed decision or health choice).

Non medical professionals, regardless of education or experience, do not have these 'same' rights. As a result they are viewed with skepticism or disbelief. I've seen many GOOD ones labeled as 'quackery or fraud'. That are simply not in my opinion.

Health products (medical or not) are huge industries and everyone wants a peice. We are often sold on quantity over quality. Many will knock the competition with advertising, laws or regulations, even use scare tactics.

Our own good health, the animals and even our planet that feeds us, is suffering because of it. Many are merely existing, not living at all! This use to be me and my family - before a healthy diet plan and the proper knowledge for success...

Perhaps someday the battle will end. Until then results are possible - today and tomorrow! I hope the information contained in this site will help you to succeed too!

Learn BODY RESPONSE Today $29.95


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