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Imagine what your health could look like if a Simple Health Test could help nail down where a specific problem is, and you would not have to deal with guessing based on symptoms?

Now, imagine if another test could also show you what it is you need to fix it!  Do you think this would improve your health dramatically?  Me too, and it did.


Hi, I’m Jennell, and in case you were unaware; my story did not start out so well, the health journey was long.   For over three decades I have been learning, using and now teaching various types of alternative health principles, tools and techniques to individuals like you.

Through my families health journey, my own personal health experiences, education, training, clinic practice, workshops and so on; I have come to discover one key factor, one consistent never fail sequence, I believe, is the absolute best combination ever created, to help you improve and keep you in good health!

How a Simple Health Test saved my mother

  • My mother is still alive today, working 6 days a week at the age of 78 with no health issues and no medication
  • My exact unknown life threatening condition was resolved and I was able to swallow again after 9 days scary days in hospital
  • A painful ulnar nerve recovered within 30 days after 1 full year of traditional therapies failed first (medical doctors, physiotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, specialists etc.) to no avail
  • An overdose of B vitamins could have been avoided trying to self diagnose using books & Google
  • Bad foods could have been detected and avoided instead of causing severe food poisoning
  • Colds, flus and virus … I could go on and on but I think you get the obvious point here
  • More on our Health Story here

Bigger than the best home remedy!

One Simple Health Test will change your situation dramatically …. Just like it has for us, I know it.  Use one, use many, use them all day long, this is entirely up to you. 

We use them in all things throughout our own lives and without questions, they have always served us well.   WHY? 

Because we have learned how incredible a single test can be; and how powerful, when combined, they really are.

They have always given us the very best answers and optimum results no matter what the circumstances have been.

Your check list of possibilities: 

  • Help you figure out what’s wrong
  • Drum down causes not just symptoms
  • What you could do to remedy them
  • Answers are immediate, in seconds
  • Shows solutions that will work
  • Quickly eliminates the ones that won’t work
  • Find the culprits causing you ill health
  • Find the items that will help you improve
  • Double check your own ideas, products, remedies etc.
  • Use it anytime, anywhere
  • Use them for anything ...

Although I already teach these incredible techniques through hands on workshops, and provide private consultations, (contact me to book your appointment) - I am currently working on a series of short videos to help show those who cannot attend; How To use a variety of Simple Health Tests in various ways.   One new video coming your way, every week!

So sign up below NOW to be notified first !!!

Who is this for?

Anyone and everyone, pets included; watch it, try it, use it, you won’t believe it!  The results are astounding!  Give yourself the insight to know, an advantage, after all don’t you deserve that?  Use this tool in various ways; you may even discover a few unique twists of your own!  And like anything in life, the more you use it, the better you become.

There are so many products out there (natural and otherwise) how do you know the ones that will help or harm you?  How do you quickly separate the good from the bad and make choices?  Do you simply buy them all?  Take unnecessary chances, someone’s word for it?  What form of validation do you listen to? 

There is so much noise out there, an overload of information, how do you navigate through it all?  You can spend hours just reading various opinions!  You will find pros and cons in ANY product or method if you look hard enough; and savvy advertising doesn’t help you in any way.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself: 

  • Are you happy with your current health
  • Do you have any issue you’d like to resolve
  • Are you willing to live with how you are
  • Are you open minded to a new possibility
  • Would you like to know what will work for you
  • Willing to try something new to help yourself
  • Do you want some peace of mind
  • Would you want to know the things that are causing you harm
  • Does saving time & money interest you
  • Would you like to possibly avoid surgery
  • Do you want to stop the drugs with side effects

Our most valuable content ever

You will likely not see THIS anywhere in the world.  You can probably figure it out as we did; finding, learning and using a variety of methods.  It took us over a decade to figure out what combinations work best, the best products and so on.  WE had to first find the other methods and learn them.  This cost us time and money.  You could do the same too.

Or, you can always contact me to join one of our hands on workshops, and/or contact me to book your private consultation!

If you are interested in watching using video's, then sign up here to be notified FIRST ... your one Simple Health Test every week and how you can best use it to help yourself, your family, a friend, neighbor, co-worker or pet… everyone knows someone needing help.  I know we did.

A Simple Health Test can provide you with:

  • Quick hair test and how you can improve yours
  • Easy test to determine what your dog is allergic to
  • My knee hurts, what can I do to help it the most
  • I think I have the flu, help!
  • I was told I’ll have to live with this, but do I?
  • My neighbour let me borrow her remedy; will it work for me?
  • Is this cream making my face break out?
  • And so much more!

These techniques we have studied, learned, developed and used over the past 30 years have led the way for my family’s health discoveries and successes.  They have been the corner stone of our business in helping others achieve wellness.

We now share with you our results, in a simplified, easy to follow, understand and duplicate manner, so you too can learn your areas of weakness and discover ways to strengthen them using a Simple Health Test.

Sign up for our monthly news letter to be notified immediately when this health changing information becomes available for you and the ones you care about.

These Simple Health Tests are completely FREE by the way, there are no hidden agendas either; therefore, there can be no excuses on your part, so sign up today, show up and give yourself the best tool you can because you’re worth it.

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