Allergy Treatment

Here we discover an effective allergy treatment - without any needles, products or drugs.  You will also discover the more common allergy symptoms and a food allergy testing method too.

Allergy Treatment

Allergies can be a complex subject matter. I suffered terribly as a child, with itchy watery eyes, rashes, difficulty breathing, coughing, sneezing, swelling and other things I likely can't remember anymore.  

I had to endure terrible tests to find what I was so allergic to.  The kind where they cut up your back a little all over and then apply a drop of whatever the common items are to see if your skin would react or not.  Like my own worse case - cat allergies, I was so grateful at the time I did not have any dog allergies. 

Then I had to walk once a week to their office and receive shots as their method of an effective allergy treatment (wonder what was in those).  They told me it would help to alleviate the horrible symptoms I was experiencing.  Even after all that, nothing worked anyway; I was still highly allergic ... until this!

This allergy treatment IS very effective for any allergy caused by environmental or seasonal issues, foods, chemicals, perfumes, plants, animals and so much more. I have used this successfully for myself and for my children for cat allergies, horse allergies, dog allergies, grass and other seasonal plant allergies like ragweed and hay, in addition to some unknown air born allergies too!

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Often allergies can be mistaken for a cold. Not everyone suffering with allergies experience the same symptoms.

For instance, allergies can show the usual signs of stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, coughing and itchy, watery eyes. But also skin rashes, fatigue and headaches.


Garlic can be useful as a natural antibiotic without destroying your bodies flora.  This you can easily start adding to your regular diet to help build up your resistance for the future too!

For instant relief, these are my personal favorites and #1 recommendations I use with confidence:

I was highly allergic to cats growing up, but because I loved them so much, anytime I saw a friendly cat I couldn't help myself and would instantly call it over to play with me.

This was very bad for me!

My eyes would swell nearly shut and run with water, I could barely breathe through my nose OR lungs and I would itch all over. After this simple treatment however, well lets just say, I have owned cats now for quite awhile!

Food Allergy Testing can easily be figured out today without the guess work or lengthy process of elimination.  (Without using invasive procedures like I had to endure.)  Use a Simple Health Test, to quickly find answers and so much more!

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