Alternative Health Education

Looking for the best alternative health  education methods, through workshops and online classes?  We have chosen only our most popular ones to help you learn quickly, without too much fuss or expense!

Consider these as an opportunity for various health care jobs or business.  Add them to your existing skills or as a stand alone service. 

Either way, these alternative health education workshops (and on line classes coming soon) have been the cornerstone of my personal health and business success.

Alternative Health Education
Level 1-3

This series of simple health tests have become part of my life.  In fact, without them, my mother would not be here today. They have saved me in moments of need and improved the quality of my life in ways I can't begin to measure.

Having the necessary tools to more accurately know what is wrong and the best way to deal with it has become invaluable to me! These tools allow us to gauge and track progress as well.  Useful for everyone, pets included.  

They are the most simple, safe, accurate methods I know,  based on over 25 years of education, training and experience.  

We have  combined various alternative health education techniques to obtain the best possible results.  Saving you time, money and frustration.  

The Basics - Level 1

Family Dog

An introduction to basic compatibility 1-2 hour workshop - $75.00

Here you will learn basic 'testing' skills such as body position, intention and 'what you can test know how'.  You will be able to determine necessary compatibility - what is good (positive) or bad (negative) by the time we are done today.  

This is the most requested and fun workshop!

You will discover exactly 'how' something could be negative or bad for you.  For example:

  • Is this food causing a headache?
  • Could this cream giving me a rash?
  • How is this cookie bad for me exactly?
  • Will this herb be safe for me?

You are encouraged to bring in a few items for testing to this alternative health education workshop, such as shampoo, cat hair, cookies, a carrot etc.

Intermediate - Level 2

Learn Alternative health education.
An intermediate level 2-3 hour workshop $125.00

After a quick review of the basics we will learn alternative methods of testing for use in less common situations.  Trouble shooting issues you may come across and be required to deal with from time to time.

Such as these situations:

  • Using surrogates
  • Testing the family dog
  • How to test a child

By the end of today you will be able to use this alternative health method not only on others but on yourself as well!  Sometimes we are alone and need answers for ourselves too.  Or there may not be a surrogate available!

Today we will also cover why someone might NOT be testable and various things you can do to remedy this.

Advanced Skills - Level 3

Advanced training & skills 5-6 hour class - $299.00

To continue we will be using the alternative health techniques learned from Level 1 and Level 2.. Here we discover how a Simple Health Test can help you find answers to troubling situations like:

  • Is my thyroid OK
  • How can I help my thinning hair
  • I have knee pain

By the end of this class you will know how to check for health issues, and how to choose an effective remedy when you do locate a weakness.  In addition;

  • Choosing a remedy that will not cause possible side effects
  • How to gauge, score and track results

Today we focus on narrowing down what is wrong and what we can best do about it.  Safe, simple and effective.  Saving you time, money and frustration yes but ultimately your health.

Tapping Technique Workshop

An interactive 2 hour hands-on workshop - $75.00

Learn alternative health methods to combat headaches, allergies AND phobias that are completely product and drug free.  You will receive written and illustrated handouts to ensure your success.  

You will be able to help family and friends anytime, or add these to your other alternative health services business .  Students will have the opportunity to personally experience and practice each one of these invaluable techniques.


I find I use this one most often.  It has helped me overcome my own cat allergies during my teenage years.  My children have benefited with various items too.  It is suggested to treat one at a time up to a maximum of three items per treatment.


I included a fantastic bonus technique to help eliminate almost all headaches and migraines on the spot.  I used this regularly after a car accident left me suffering from severe headaches. And, there is a Simple Health Test used to determine what things could be causing them too.


I recall the day my instructor used my own fear of heights to demonstrate to the class.  Immediately after my treatment he had me stand on top of a chair that was on top of a table placed beside a large picture window.  We happened to be on the 15th floor of an office building too ... this treatment held for nearly 15 years!

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