Why Build A Website Using SBI?

So you want to build a website - you have great ideas, some time to dedicate and  the dream of being your own boss, quitting your day job or just generating some part-time income - good for you!

You’ve come to the right place to learn the best way to accomplish this weather you are just starting out  with zero experience, as I was, or you have good technical sense already, SBI offers everything you need all in one place.

Take the Video Tour at SBI, and see for yourself!

I can tell you from personal experience when I started the first several years were wasted trying to figure out how to begin; I had a limited budget in mind to go with my equally limited skills.  The amount of time I wasted navigating through this new venture was heartbreaking.

Build A Website Of My Own

Then, I found SBI, and learned how to build a website of my own.  Not only did they offer this incredible action guide (a series of simple videos that I could watch, on my own time). 

You simply just follow along as if someone is holding your hand - never leaving me to feel alone!  Always keeping me on track, one task at a time.  And the best part was, they left no stone unturned!

Each step was thoroughly explained but if you still needed more assistance their online forum of other SBI’ers are always just a click away!

You can hire someone directly with SBI to fulfill any task you simply do not want to do, or cannot do, for whatever reason. And every once in awhile their 'live chat box' pops up to assist you as well.

Hire An Independent

This is your most cost effective way to build a website, with no middle man.  You can hire your own personal coach who walks you through any step you need to learn to run your own business. 

I have used a few, and my favorite one is a SBI site owner, plus, a former SiteSell Specialist now working independently.  She goes out of her way, making sure to stay in my budget. She teaches me how to build my own website, and manage it. She accomplishes everything I ask for and more...when I want it. Learn more about her here.

This method helps you to understand certain aspects at their deepest level and to quickly get you up and running!

ALL Tools Included

What I like best is that all the tools required to build a top-notch income generating website is all included with the Solo Build It platform and no additional cost or software required.

They provide you with link exchanges from other Solo Build It’ers, keep you up to date on market trends or changes with Google, even scan through your site and notify you of any broken pages, domain name renewal and so much more!

See the BrainStormIt below.

IF you add up the cost of each tool you will need to build your own site, it would surpass the amount of a yearly subscription, all tools in!  Auto responder, email account, and most important your key word research tools.

Take the Video Tour at Solo Build It, and see for yourself.

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