Why A Colon Cleanse?

An effective form of colon cleanse is essential when dealing with parasites. These nasty bugs can be in the form of worms, virus, amoeba or bacteria. They infest and live off our body. They can come from food, water, the air or animals.

Do you have stomach aches, a Colon Cleanse may be the answer.Colon Cleanse

Most of us don't even realize we have them! Some parasites are more deadly than others. Most often, the test for this is using a stool sample, although it has been my experience that most doctors today won't entertain the possibility of even having these 'bugs'.

Stool samples only uncover some types of parasites; so, most still go undetected. If detected, traditional treatment would normally consist of a drug, with side effects. But as we know there are alternatives for a colon cleanse.

The most common culprits are fast food, improperly washed vegetables or under cooked meat. Children, who like to put their hands in their mouths, play on the grass or swim in the lake inclusive. Even when cleaning up and looking after your pet, like Miss Whisker’s litter box..

I can't tell you how many families I have helped with this; only to find the one who cleans the litter box is often the most affected.  But now that you are learning what you can easily do about it, that's ok!

One of my friends was so incredibly sick from parasites...

...although she didn't know it personally. Her traditional medical did not recognize this was her issue either. Thankfully, her 'veterinarian' discovered her problem, treated her and life returned to normal again. 

Signs that you may need a colon cleanse 

Some of the symptoms would include nail biting, itching skin or rectum, rashes and bites. Growing pains, but of course we are told these do not exist. Digestive problems, constipation and diarrhea.

ADHD Symptoms

More commonly behavioral problems in children; lack of concentration or disruptive and nasty behavior - often referred to as ADD or ADHD. Interrupted sleep patterns, becoming cranky, grinding your teeth (mainly at night) and inability to simply sit still.

Loss of Appetite

Appetite issues such as a lack of enthusiasm for food or the opposite, never feeling satisfied or full, even after eating a large meal. Therefore, inability to gain or lose weight is very common.

So you see there are many terrible health issues associated with these nasty bugs and it is a problem all too common today.  Not sure if you or someone you know has this, do a Simple Health Test.  Miracles can happen with your health, seemingly over night, if we would only free ourselves from this and yeast is another one!

Parasites cannot generally be rid of in only a few days, generally, I have found a few weeks or months but in extreme cases it could take up to a year. And yes, you can get parasites over and over again.

But the good news is, eating high quality organic walnuts will usually combat the problem.  Ideally, go for the whole fresh kind, the ones you 'crack' yourself from the shell. They help to purge your system of bugs. You will likely even see them in your stool!

You should treat your pet’s often for parasites too. Stop them from passing them onto you and your children.

My Best Recommended Health Products:

Do a Simple Health Test to quickly determine 'which' product will work best. (Remember, the common "good" side effect is losing and/or gaining weight back - TIP:  this is a great hair loss recovery for animals too!)

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