Help for Bad Dog Behavior
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We have a better understanding today about 'bad dog behavior'. There are often simple answers, such as pet allergies, that can solve this common problem. Bad dogs can cause turmoil, stress, destruction and injuries!

Dog Behavior

Often people deal with behavior by simply 'shunning' their dog from the pack. By that I mean separating them from the family. Using cages, garages, kennels, chains or closed doors for extreme periods of time.

A dog is a pack animal; they live, eat and sleep with their family. It is their basic animal nature to do so. I realize of course we need acceptable standards - So, what can we do?

Your dogs basic needs:

A proper diet, lots of fresh water and exercise. I have found that simply providing these three natural things solves most issues, really. Although we may believe we are doing just that, often we are not.

Our dogs can't communicate with us in ways we can easily understand. Problem number one, labeling them with 'bad dog behavior'. So we must first consider the breed.

Example, some dogs are far busier than others, they need more stimulation. While others are not extreme in this way.

Here are a few examples:

Our mountain dogs love to dig; so, we had to accommodate them, give them a space in the yard to dig! My border collie was of high energy and needed long distance running. We would cycle together (I can't run that fast).

My Shitzu was quite content playing fetch around the yard and taking smaller walks.

When I do NOT meet 'their' needs (not mine), they become unhappy, stressed, agitated, destructive and simply show signs of 'bad dog behavior'. Understanding their individual requirements will help.

Here is a great example of high energy vs low energy level dogs.

Exercise is crucial for a dog:

Providing mental and physical health. When walking your dog do not allow them to walk in front of you but beside or behind. Change directions often to encourage this when they try.

Let them sniff, explore and do their business on your say, not theirs. Just don't forget to let them do so periodically.

A little research about your breed will go a long way in stopping bad dog behavior. And discovering what is unique about your breed.

Tips for aggression:

You MUST be the pack leader, the alpha dog, the chief! If you do not; your dog could adopt that role. It is their instinct. All pack animals have one leader and it needs to be you!

The easiest way to accomplish this is with food. There are several ways here. I often have small children around my house, so aggression is just not acceptable.

Eat with your dog, the leader of the pack first. Have your dog watch you or be present during your meal time. When you have finished - then feed your dog.

Sit with them, play in their food bowl while they are eating. We often have our smallest children feed our dogs.

Do not offer treats willingly. In other words; make them earn it. Have them sit for a moment and wait, do a trick, anything. Encourage good behavior, reward it, make a big fuss over them for being a 'good dog'.

Find fun things your dog enjoys doing, naturally. Playing fetch, hide'n seek, burying bones, walking, pulling, digging, hunting or running. Be a little creative, have fun with them.

Other contributing factors:

It could simply be health issues that 'cause' bad dog behavior. Pay attention to any signs or symptoms they may be experiencing. Odor, itchiness, loose stool, constipation, sore spots, injuries and hair loss. Don't leave symptoms untreated.

Pet allergies such as to food

Pet allergies can cause health problems; such as from food, bones, treats, bedding or toys. Our method is invaluable for detecting these things. After all, your pet can't 'tell' you when something is wrong. So check out this Simple Health Test method to help both you and your pet!  Without this I would not have discovered so much valuable information about all of my family pets.

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