EMF Protection & The Dangers
You Should Know About

What are EMFs?

I learned about the dangers of exposure to electromagnetic frequency, how it could effect our health and the ways we can protect ourself.  This was over 25 years ago, here's what I know today, what I personally use for protection and why.

Lets think back before modern technology for a minute.  Before TV and radio even. Only a fraction of the population had lights in the 1900's.

In the late 1970's personal computers were introduced and now technology connects us instantly all across the globe in mere seconds.  But do we really know what the side effects of this might be?

Can you remember when advertisements claimed 'smoking was good for your health' by doctors and in the 1960's when we also believed asbestos was safe?   Wow!

Anytime we use electricity, for any reason, there are frequencies. These frequencies can easily pass through most anything, like walls, people, trees etc.  Do you think when they pass through living things, changes could occur?  Or that long term exposure could have an effect on us?

The Dangers of electromagnetic frequency (EMF)

I believe no one really knows YET what the complete answer actually is.  What I do know is that many people report symptoms as these when they are sitting at a computer, under fluorescent lights, in front of a TV and other EMF exposures:

  • fatigue
  • brain fog (can't think straight)
  • headaches 
  • heightened emotions
  • confusion

I encourage you to check into any number of independent studies on the subject. Including these incredible books I highly recommend to more thoroughly explore the dangers.  

The Invisible Threat by Dr. Howard Fisher (whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with on several occasions)

The EMF Book by Mark A. Pinsky 

Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumers Guide  by B. Blake Levitt.

EMF Protection

OK, here's what I use and have recommended for decades with complete confidence.  These devices have always demonstrated for me immediate improvement and results.

In simplified terms, our bodies energy field extends several feet from our physical bodies, (I can demonstrate this using a Simple Health Test).  The "Q" stands for quantum, in that it is a different, far more intelligent level of energy.

There is research available on this subject as far back as ancient times right up to modern day math where they have studied this topic in great detail.  So I won't bore you with too much technical information here.

I have used these Q-link devices throughout my home, attached to my cell phone, and other hand held devices, AND even wear as attractive jewelry too!  They are all designed to help protect the health of your own bio-energy field.

A Simple Health Test can demonstrate how one of these devices offers EMF protection and can strengthen your own ability to combat the negative effects of EMF exposure.  Here's  a recent testimonial to hopefully demonstrate better what I mean.


"When I bought my new iPhone in the summer of 2014, I had Jennell test me with it and it was determined it wasn’t a problem for me, then I remembered a Q-Link medallion I was wearing, and removed it and then the iPhone tested negatively on me. I then added a smaller Q-Link device to my phone, as well as the one I wear regularly."

Rick Chrysler; April 17, 2016


I admitted to Rick I was 'very confused' when I initially performed a Simple Health Test to demonstrate, and it did not seem to work!  I did this several times.  My intent was to show him that ANY cell phone (or hand held device, even a watch) WILL make you weak.  But it wasn't working!  

Then Rick said, 'hang on a minute' and pulled out his Q-Link necklace he forgot he was wearing!  

I laughed and explained I had no explanation for why I thought it didn't work, but now I realized why.  Just to be certain, I had him take the necklace off, then tested him again, this time there was a very weak response with the phone, as there should be!  And the world made sense to me once again ... :)

Learn more Q-link benefits here.

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