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When it comes to family health, nothing matters more.  Be it your kids health, your own or even your loving pet.  No one should have to suffer, worry or wonder.  I know what that’s like and I'm happy those days are long gone.   The key really is in knowing ‘what you can do’ in those moments.

Family Health

This site will show you ways to accomplish health naturally, and here you will discover some amazing techniques you can get started on using right away.

These valuable health treatments I offer here; FREE to download and use anytime.  They have helped us on numerous occasions and still do to this day!   You likely will NOT find them anywhere else!

I teach these and other valuable methods for decades with tremendous results; and coming soon, our signature method a Simple Health Test.  I was honoured to have taught seminars on family health throughout our community to offer valuable kids health tips and wellness tools.

Today, I am honoured to be able to bring natural solutions for those needing help in over coming their issues in the most simple, safe and effective ways possible!  For free, and on line; right here!

Here are a few to help get you started:

HEADACHES can be crippling, or migraines as some refer. At best they make life very difficult to cope with.

ALLERGIES are terrible and often interfere with activities. We avoid places, foods and smells. They make life complicated.

PHOBIAS are no laughing matter. It isn't nice if your child asked to ride the Ferris wheel and you are afraid of heights.

ENERGY can be a problem, too much OR too little. Do you struggle to get through a day? Are you too wound up to even focus or sleep?

Why am I offering these for FREE when the value is so high? In loving memory of my dear friend and colleague Charles Potter, MH

Without his help my mother would not be here today, my father would have had surgery unnecessarily, and myself; well, I’m not sure as I was only 15 years old at the time.

I participated in his family health classes; learning valuable information I still use and share today. He encouraged us to always learn and share. These treatments he taught me, I am now sharing with you, as they allowed my life to change forever!

Charles loved to 'share' his knowledge and encouraged us all to pay it forward!

These incredible methods, exactly as he passed them onto me, complete with illustrated instructions; are here for you to use in the comfort of your own home.  (I only updated his hand drawn illustrations a little for clarity.)

If you have any useful health tips to share please be kind and pay it forward! We are always looking to add new information, it would be most appreciated!

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