and Good Food Ideas

Your health starts here, with simple food basics and good food ideas. Without food we can't survive, likewise; improper food creates sickness.  Our good or bad choices directly affect our health and well being.


I realize it's difficult to make good choices today. We are dictated by savy marketers, advertisers, high costs and our own busy schedules. 

So where do we start and what can we do?

Food for health is the ultimate way of course, but many don't realize that HOW you eat food (not just WHAT you eat) is the important difference. (FYI, don't miss out on the amazing, easy, healthy recipe; designed to save you money!)

Food color is interesting. We understand food groups - but food color groups? This know how is essential. Each food color group offers different, valuable nutrients that must be present in a healthy diet.

Food combining is needed to ensure balance. The correct pH level (or acid vs alkaline foods is critical for your health). Discover why a body that is too acidic, IS far more susceptible to ill health and disease.

Understanding these few basics will drastically improve your health and even correct many current health issues - simple, inexpensive and naturally.   Go check out those articles now and help yourself tremendously by simply changing 'how' you eat the foods you love.


Let's consider how we prepare our food next

Healthy juicing

Juicing offers many amazing health benefits, as this article explains. Juicing to fight against disease is possible. But for our cooked food, do you steam, microwave or fry food before eating it? Do you then add salt, sauces or other tasty add ons? The best way to get the maximum phyto-nutrients direct to your digestive system, is by juicing; fresh, raw, and organic foods!  

Is your water healthy?

Often we neglect the simple things that can make a dramatic improvement. Eliminate the 'known' culprits by finding alternatives to the water you use! Learn some very important aspects about water that maybe you didn't know and what my #1 recommendation is.

Here is one final tip

Following these simple food basics and you will not only improve your health but save $$$ on your grocery bill too!  Don't fret about counting calories, fad diets and believing that eating healthy is expensive.  Ignore the marketing hype, learn how to just eat clean and save money while you improve your health too.

PS don't forget to check out our 'Going Green' section where you will find incredible information on green cookware, DYI solar cookers and how to make money with polar panels!

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