Part of a Healthy Diet Plan?

What we eat is critical to our health, but here's why food combining should be considered as part of your healthy diet plan.

Alkaline Foods

Most of us understand that good quality food must be present in our daily diet, and each food group must exist as they work together for optimum health. 

In fact, each food colour group offers different health benefits too.  But did you know that how you combine these groups determines your body's ability to USE the food?

Here are a few basics to help you

Vitamins are used and eliminated every few hours; therefore, they must be replaced often with high quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Minerals however are much heavier, our bodies store these; therefore, they don't need to be replaced regularly like vitamins do.

Health issues such as weight, craving bad food and even sickness would occur less often, by simply giving your body what it needs AND avoiding bad foods.   

(Of course there are additional circumstances to consider as well,   vegetarians need to balance their proteins, others have food allergies and so forth; but,  generally these rules apply).

Our bodies regularly need water and fresh fruits and vegetables offer the best source. Naturally filtered, pure H20 (hydrogen and oxygen) - you can't find that in any bottle or tap! Of course, the quality of our water we DO use, for drinking or cooking should be considered as well.


pH balance - your acid vs. alkaline levels

Simply stated, your body requires more alkaline foods (vitamins and minerals) than acid forming foods (mainly animal proteins) - to maintain good health.

Much like how we must test our pool and soil for the correct pH levels.

Your daily target ideally should consist of 60%-70% or more alkaline foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals.  The more sick you are, the higher alkaline diet is needed to recover.  

I am not saying don’t eat them at all, but eat them using these general food combining guidelines:

TIP:  A glass of lemon water at night will help to correct a few food imbalance choices from the day.

Did you know that our bodies are designed to digest one concentrated food at a time (grains and animal proteins)?   Remember, proteins are acid forming.

These stay in our digestive system much longer creating toxins and wasting energy if not used.  The non concentrated foods such as fruits and vegetables can be digested together, with the exception of only a few.

A few things to remember to help you get started

  • Fruit should be eaten on an empty stomach (breakfast is good)
  • Melons should be eaten alone
  • Vegetables can be combined with anything
  • Proteins are safely combined with any 'green' vegetable

When I first learned about food combining many years ago, in a great book somewhere I can't remember now, I was eager to give it a try and excited when I saw the results! 

I generally picked one day a week, such as on the weekend, to have a day off.  Allowing my body to rest and heal the remainder of the days…

I realize food combining may seem difficult and overwhelming at first, I simply created a chart and taped it to my fridge, after a while it becomes habit, knowing which foods to use when and how in all your healthy cooking recipes.

I guarantee once you get started you will FEEL the difference.

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