Easy healthy recipe saves money!

Using food for health is the way to go! Good food choices will improve your health; plain and simple. Over the years I've become very good at using food to correct many of my own health issues.


This article will not only give you an easy healthy recipe, (actually, easy healthy recipes plural), here you will learn how to turn this one incredible soup into many meals!

First, I feel the need to briefly point out, incase you didn't already know, healthy cooking recipes do not mean an 'added expense' for you!

Eating foods for health does not mean spending more!

If we eliminate the 'junk' or unnecessary items from your shopping list, this will not only allow you to save money, but save your health - food for health!

Here's how to quickly remove junk from your shopping:

Essentially shop around the 'outside' of the store, avoid the middle isles where necessary.  Sugary items, snack foods, pre-packaged filler foods, you get the idea.  Lets stick to fresh, colourful and clean eating.

Here's where you need to really sit down and be honest with yourself.  Open up those cupboards and drawers; take a peek at what you REALLY have that you could REALLY live without.  (Your health will thank you!)

Now by doing this, you will have more to spend on quality choices!  (By the way, having a small garden saves more money than you can imagine.  Shop in your own back yard - it's fun, it's free, it's educational too.)  

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Many of us hate the hassle of 'peeling, chopping, pots, pans, isn't even the cooking necessarily - but the added time needed! 

Truth is, we all have to eat, we all want to save money and we all need to be healthy! After all, this IS the major idea behind food for health!  This can all be done with the right choices.

This Easy Healthy Recipe Saves Money!

Every great soup starts with a solid foundation - broth!  And in order to have the BEST broth you need 'clean water' to start.

  • Choose your choice of meat bones
  • OR vegetable broth (easily made from scraps)
  • OR use both, your choice

Hint - I save these bones and/or vegetable scraps in a freezer bag ready for the day when I want to make broth, good for months if sealed well.

Scraps - this simply means any left over vegetable peels that we would normally dispose of that can be saved and used for making broth.  (Even egg shells can be used to add extra calcium to your broth.)

  • Place these chosen items in a crock pot over night for the best flavour
  • OR boil down for a few hours  in a pot on the stove
  • Strain

Here's where you have a few more choices to make

  • Transfer broth to ice cube trays so you have ready made cubes
  • Transfer broth to mason jars & refrigerate for use later 
  • Use broth right away for your healthy soup

Lets make our 'food for health' soup now; in a stock pot sauté the following in a tablespoon of coconut oil (olive oil or butter or whatever else you might prefer)

  • Diced vegetables ( celery, carrots, onion)
  • Simmer gently until tender not browned
  • Add fresh pressed garlic and a little minced ginger maybe

Add your homemade broth and simmer to complete the cooking process. 

Here's how you really save the money:


Serve 'some' of the soup as a side dish with a large salad, for example; this  is typically what I do.  I'm all about 'clean eating'.

OR if you boiled a whole chicken say to make the broth, add the meat to the soup for your complete and more filling meal.


Add gluten free noodles, rice or dumplings to some of your soup to change it up and make it more filling as well.


Change the soup to a different kind all together, such as cream of potato (sweet potato) or any other vegetable you have to use; like parsnip or celery. Don't be afraid to experiment a little.

To do this, using the same soup ADD

  • Cooked, diced potatoes (or other vegetable)
  • A little milk (I prefer nut milks or coconut milk)
  • Puree half or all the soup to thicken and change it up

Here are a few other suggestions you could try to add some extra foods for health into your meal

  • Puree some of the liquid with an avocado or two
  • OR use softened raw cashews & puree with some of the broth

Then stir back into the soup, blend, heat and serve!  I think you get the basic idea here, be creative and have fun! 

TIP - How to get your kids to eat their vegetables

When my kids were little I would put their soup into a blender so they couldn't 'see' any of the vegetables. 

Sometimes we would have a tea party with the broth used as a warm 'drink' - food for health! 

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