Going Green

Many of us, thankfully, have joined the band wagon of 'going green'. A smarter, healthier choice for our planet, the environment, our own health and safety, even the animals.  We all have to live here, together; let's help preserve, not destroy, what we have here - for generations to come!

Going Green

Conserving our environment and its resources is absolutely necessary. We can still meet our personal needs, conduct our daily lives; but without damaging our health and that of kids and grandkids.

There are many available alternatives that you will find here. Non toxic products to replace items we are accustomed to. Designed for our convenience yes, but also to protect us, not hurt us by using them.

For instance, I personally took it upon myself, many years ago, to throw away all of my common aluminum bake-ware, pots, pans and foil. These ones don't last anyway and the replacement saves our health! 

My family's preferred choice will get you started on going green and help save money, time, your health and cut your energy bill too!  I offer you a long list of reasons for you to consider this incredible cookware; and FYI, they are also considered a 'green product'!

Another concern of mine are florescent bulbs, with dangerous mercury. Many suffer severe health issues and don't even realize it. (Headaches too.) Including the so called energy saving bulbs, very toxic!

To dispose of light bulbs you must follow the household hazardous waste protocol!  Because they contain mercury (also found in vaccines by the way...) So, if we are already being told they are 'hazardous' need I say more?

Here is a great company I found that provides the best solar cookers, ideas and DIY kits too.  If you are seeking green products, care about your health AND saving the planet, these guys will help you.

I was overwhelmed by the details they offered on their site to help you Go Green. Information was easy to find, follow and understand. If you were searching to purchase a solar cooker, find recipes, books or videos, you will find it all at one convenient place!

OK, here's a fantastic way to not only help the planet BUT would you be interested in also helping your wallet?

Here's how to completely throw away your hydro bill - Check these guys out!

Whether you’re looking for complete solar panel systems or individual products this is the right place to investigate the power of green energy.

Here you will find many tax credit rebates the government offers to home owners for going green.  This great on line store offers DIY ideas and kits, but quotes and financing too!

Learn more about Safe Cookware, Solar cookers, Home Solar Panels.

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