Gout Treatment

There is certainly a 'simple gout treatment' available, but not many people seem to know about it. First, let's discuss a little about what it really is.

Joint Pain

Gout is a form of arthritis, painful swelling of the joints. Particularly the big toe, ankles and knees. These areas can be red, tender and warm.  Brought on 'strictly by diet'.  

Yes, caused directly by your diet; you heard that right.  But this means it's both the bad, and the good news.  If diet caused this, then diet IS your gout treatment remedy to fix this; so read on.

Gout Treatment

Loss of motion and deformation can result. Many people who have gout, will also have a very tender spot just above the naval.  This can be accompanied by intense abdominal pain.

Gout treatment and your diet ...

Foods you MUST avoid - strawberries, beef, turkey, wheat, cranberry, tomato products and beer. This only aggravates the situation.  In addition to fresh fruits and/or fruit juices.

Better food choices - fish, chicken, pork, melons, seedless grapes, black plums, oats, whole grain bread and nuts - best food to help remove the acid quickly 'cherries'.

Food, or rather diet, is the #1 contributing factor with this condition. I recall one summer having a serious attack when strawberry season came around!

I use caution (a little common sense really) with my children when using fruit juices containing high amounts of acid forming fruits. I typically won't buy these.  Besides, store bought juices today are often full of sugar and other unnatural ingredients I prefer us to avoid. 

Want a great alternative to fruit juices?

Use pure clean water, (the healthy kind).  Add a drop of fresh squeezed lemon, lime or orange and you're good to go!

A personal story...

Many years back, my father limped around for a while due to this condition in his knee. Surgery was suggested through the medical approach.

As my father did not believe in any drugs, including a simple aspirin, surgery was certainly out of the question!

We approached my mother's alternative doctor at the time, Charles Potter, MH. He offered this advice as a natural gout treatment "eat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of fresh cherries a couple times daily and your problems will be gone..."

And gone it was. My father was out cycling again in no time.

Of course, fresh cherries would be best; but canned or jarred cherries (the sour pitted kind) work well too, even organic cherry juice.  Alfalfa is helpful I'm told but have not tried this myself.

OK, I get that not everyone will push themselves to completely change their diet, no matter how bad their gout is (sounds crazy, but it's true!)

But, if you really want to CORRECT your health over all then you must do this.  This alone will rid of your painful problem permanently by using THIS method as your natural treatment for gout.

Eat your meals in terms of acid vs. alkaline foods, 25/75 ratio.  That means you consumer only 25% acid forming foods daily.  You see, sickness and disease cannot survive in an alkaline environment.

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My best (and only) product I could ever recommend:

OK, I will help you immediately and say use this to rid of your gout, hands down; it is the best gout treatment product ever. I always make sure this is available and handy at my home, in the event someone needs it:  

AC Carbamide capsules (from Standard Process)  

Typically, 6 capsules per day, 2 with each meal works with most of us.  In more severe situations, 3 with each meal is perfectly fine for awhile to start; then cut back to 2 and eventually, 1.  You get the idea.

Not too sure if gout is your issue?  Do this quick Simple Health Test and find out!

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