Easy Headache Treatment

Here we bring you a product free, headache treatment and natural home remedies for migraines, that you can use in the comfort of your own home. This unique method is available as a free pdf download below.

Headache Treatment

Migraines and headaches can be triggered in many different ways. Such as food allergies, exposure to chemicals, perfumes or other smells, sinus issues, over exposure to TV or computer monitors, food poisoning, virus and even when there are vision problems.

Food allergies and strong smells can be more easily dealt with using a simple headache method of  ' Process of elimination '. This just means avoiding such things (foods and items with very strong smells) until you found “the one” culprit, would quickly remedy the problem for future occurrences.

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Interested in knowing the cause of your headache?  You could conduct a Simple Health Test in a few minutes and easily detect the culprit AND  as an added bonus, determine which headache treatment will work best for you too!

Additional techniques for natural migraine relief

For pain relief one reader shared her method using a plain brown paper bag, soaked in a little vinegar and hot water placed over your forehead; stating this as being very effective for some people. (Or just gently breathe in the mixture.)

My husband swears by using ' china oil ', a natural remedy my mother in law sends us from Germany.  (They also mix a drop or two of this oil with sugar and swallow for use with sore throats.  In addition, great to clear your sinuses in case of a head cold or allergies too.)

  • Simply rub a small amount into the area of pain, such as your neck, head, forehead and/or temples.
  • Caution - Avoid the eyes when applying, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water if you have it on your hands and fingers.

It is said that another cause can be low levels of magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D.


TIP: Use ginger when migraines or headaches are accompanied by nausea.

Here is my personal favorite quick fix and natural migraine remedy or headache treatment!

This treatment will immediately stop headaches associated with subluxations (when there is no time or means to see a chiropractor right away).  

Your fingers and toes are like 'circuit breakers' for the rest of your body, energy, bloody, oxygen, it all needs to be flowing freely!

I regard this as my immediate go-to headache and natural migraine relief method which has almost never failed me.

Adjust your fingers - here's how:

  • To adjust someone's fingers, hold the weight of their arm by holding up their wrist in one hand, their arm will be raised in the air a bit
  • With your other hand gently grab each finger, starting with the pinkie and pull towards their thumb and away from their body with a quick little snap
  • Moving to the next finger until all 4 fingers are done, some will need adjusting and others may not, if they needed it you will hear a 'pop' sound likely
  • You do the same with the thumb only this time towards the pinkie and away from their body
  • Move to their next hand and you will need to switch hands also

Adjust your toes - like this:

  • Have them lie on their back or sit 
  • I generally will pick up their feet a little off the ground by each of the baby toes, one in each hand, so two toes at a time in this case
  • and give a slight pull towards you, sometimes just lifting the weight of the foot by the toe is enough to hear the 'pop'
  • Then move onto the next toe and do the same
  • Until finally each toe has been done

I will often perform this simple little headache treatment routine on myself and for my children too.   It works great when you’re suffering with no time to waste!


A friend of mine was here recently and complained of a very bad headache. With her permission I used this method with ‘immediate’ results. 

After I did this for her she felt great for the rest of the day! She was simply amazed too. 

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