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Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of health tips available today?  Before you can even find time to try last weeks, new ones are out! 

It would seem that 'prevention' is still a big one.  Striving to be well and STAY well.  We know it can be accomplished, but most of us still fail to succeed

Health Tips

Besides the high amount of information out there that does NOT always have our best interests in mind, there are additional reasons why achieving success is unlikely despite the best health tips!

Top 3 reasons why most of us fail

  • Unwillingness to change (old habits, lack of effort)
  • Improper information (sounded great but didn't work)
  • Low quality products (food, vitamins, water)

It saddens me to hear when someone says 'I've had this for 10 years.....' all I can say is why?  Why suffer, needlessly, and for so long without finding an answer?   Answers are out there, you just have to look, there are many here on this site!

(In fact, I offer a great recipe for your immune system and the ‘common cold’ below you may want to bookmark for later!)

We all want to be happy and healthy no doubt.  Knowing how to start and keep going is the most difficult.  BUT, if you are willing, you can achieve what it is you set out to accomplish and this site can help you do that with some of the best health tips, tools and techniques available today.

So what are you waiting for?

There are many factors that cause or contribute to minor everyday health complaints. First, we must remember that complaints initially begin as minor inconveniences. 

Problem #1 -  we tend to ignore them

Problem #2 - we have been conditioned to accept them as normal

Have you ever heard someone, or your doctor say 'you'll just have to learn to live with that, or thats what happens when we get old' and other similar statements?  I have, and completely disagree.

Our bodies have a unique way of informing us when something is developing, symptoms are created for us, that is the time to give our bodies what they need in order to heal itself. 

Lets consider parasites as these are responsible for many health issues today, although not everyone is aware of it.  For my family, we have cats,  so for us this has become easily recognizable with obvious symptoms.

What your body needs can be as simple as choosing the correct natural vitamin as a health remedy when you feel your body could use some assistance and help speed up your own natural healing process. of course prevention is best, stop it BEFORE it starts to take form further.

Eating clean, using healthy water and organic food choices, plenty of fresh air and exercise are all ways you can learn further about how to be healthy and STAY healthy that we will explore in greater detail through this site.

The more you know, understand and practice, the better your odds for health and well being. Explore some of our useful health tips and tricks here - such as safe sunscreen options and information.

Think back to the last time you caught the common cold. Did you not say to yourself, ahead of time, “I think I could be coming down with something?” At that point, do the right thing!

Drink plenty of extra fluids such as homemade soup broth, get a little extra rest, and use this home remedy below, it can go a long way with recovery!


Brew up some loose tea leaves elder flowers with peppermint leaves.

  • Combine equal parts (1 teaspoon of each herb)
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • Allow to steep (not boil together) for 20 minutes

Drink 1/2 cup 3 times daily.

Note – you may double or triple this recipe.  For younger children a teaspoon full of the broth is sufficient, NOT a full 1/2 cup a few times daily. (I have also used this successful with pneumonia too.)

Here is a summary of the more important health tips you should consider:

  • Physical inactivity replaced with a little exercise
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco where possible
  • Increase your fresh fruit & vegetable intake
  • Minimize packaged or processed food consumption
  • Ensure you are receiving adequate fresh air
  • Clean drinking water is mandatory
  • Observe your lifestyle habits

If you have any useful health tips to share please be kind and pay it forward! We are always looking to add new information, it would be most appreciated!

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