Healthy Juicing

Here is my healthy juicing story. As I never promote something that I have no ‘personal’ experience with, I want to share with you the enormous health benefits my family and I have had as a result of juicing. So astonishing in fact, that I began to educate my clients on raw food health practices gained by juicing.

Healthy Juicing

It started back when my first child was in grade school. She asked if we could change our own diet at home, based on a book report she did using ‘Free to Fly’. . The life changing events that followed was what I never expected to be completely honest. 

Juicing Know How

This part is most important.  We began healthy juicing slowly at first, using a simple, common counter top machine found at most local stores. (Which, by the way, had complicated parts, were difficult to clean, not strong enough for some of my tasks later on and burned out quickly for me.

My initial purchase was a VitaMix 5000, which I still have and use today!  12 years later I've now replaced the original container.  I first fell in love with its ease of use and clean up time.

Using quality ingredients for raw food health is key, and since I’m a big fan of gardening (FYI my simple backyard book coming soon), so, shopping is in ‘my own back yard’ - equally a breeze at a fraction of the cost!

I found it incredible that we could simply ‘drink’ our freshly prepared meals! The more I studied and learned the health benefits of using only fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and a raw food diet, the more excited I became about it all. Not to mention the numerous health changes we experienced.  (My crazy health story coming on that one, hang tight...)

Oh, and if you think you won’t know what to make in your machine for tasty AND healthy cooking recipes; no need to worry.  VitaMix has included with the purchase of both my machines, a fantastic healthy diet recipe book.                 


What machine do we use?

The VitaMix Professional 500 series, a more durable solution for our healthy juicing practices.  As these machines are built to last, I still use the original VitaMix 5000 too!

When my first machine quit on me I thought I would try the next best one advertised.  It was the top of the line comparable at half the price.  Although it was good, it did only half the job too …. I’ve since upgraded to the Professional Series 500 and I love it!  In fact, my dad just showed me that the container from the new machine also fits the base of the old machine, an added bonus.

(Yes, my entire family owns these…) In fact, I just purchased another one with confidence as an additional add on this handy dry goods container and book, compatible with both my machines, and it's also available to Canadian Shoppers here!  

It is made of bullet proof glass, a powerful motor, and no attachments to contend with. Lightweight, with a convenient counter top design and dish washer safe. I just add a drop of soap, a bit of hot water, turn it on and rinse clean.

Believe it or not, this machine has replaced most all of my cooking tools for years now. Here's why...

How to Use Your Juicer

Breakfast: is my favorite juicing meal, daily. Our usual routine would consist of fresh, seasonal fruits, a banana, some coconut yogurt, a few nuts, rice milk or water to thin the consistency if needed.

Lunch: vegetables to make a nutritious soup – heated to less than 180 degrees, still hot, but considered raw, hence the most value for health and well being. All the goodness is preserved and not ‘cooked’ out of the food

Juicing fruits

Ideally, we use pieces of raw vegetables such as onion, sweet potato, celery, carrot and anything else you desire. A little garlic or other spice for flavour.  I enjoy using my own frozen broth cubes I make myself in an ice cube tray. You could also add a little flour to thicken if desired.

I've not used a machine yet that can heat my raw soup recipe; but both my VitaMix machines are easily capable.

Try it for yourself and feel your own energy level soar, an instant boost that would last, no highs and lows throughout the day for us, ever.

Health Benefits of Juicing

Dietary changes will naturally occur after awhile, such as limiting your intake of cooked foods. You will simply feel better and want more of the good stuff healthy juicing provides! 

Especially meat and other proteins, we limited and have personally felt much better by doing so. Of course, you still need to ensure adequate alternative protein intake, such as beans.

Sleeping less just happened; sound sleep was the happy result. We average only 5 hours a night. In addition to 6 days a week at our local gym, cycling from town to town with our dog and many other physical activities beyond our previous healthy routine.

Overall energy naturally increased with many additional health changes. Most incredible for me, was that my ‘senses’ improved dramatically. I wore my prescription glasses less, many times reduced the strength of the prescription lenses. My sense of smell and hearing improved to extreme measures as well.

Juicing Vegetables

Even My Dogs Love Healthy Juicing

Juicing is a powerful method to improve anyone’s health and well being on so many levels. For instance, my dogs love it!  Here's what I do.  Blend several fruits and vegetables that I know they are compatible with; using a quick Simple Health Test

Pour this mixture straight into a small bowl for a healthy drink. OR pour it straight into ice cubes trays and feed to my dogs as a frozen treat.  Here's one more idea, why add water to crunchy food?  Use this healthy blend instead!

Final Tips:

Start slowly as any profound changes in diet and lifestyle could have a slight ‘detoxification’ effect on your body.  Healthy juicing requires a large amount of food to fill only a small portion of a glass, your portions should be very small to start out. Gradually eliminate bad foods and replace with good, healthy alternatives using your juicer.   

Fussy diet or kids? Juicing is a great way to introduce fruits and vegetables you disliked previously. Or with fussy children who as a rule dislike their healthy fruits and vegetables. You can hide almost anything in a blender drink! Hot or cold, my kids never refused and began making their own creations.

My favorite healthy food to use in my blender throughout the day is avocado. They add little flavour, but the creamy texture is a wonderful add on. The health benefits of avocado are unsurpassed by most foods.

My favorite recipe is perhaps this one: pine nuts, apple and cucumber. This blend resembles milk, white in color, thin and simply refreshing. My dogs love this as well…. Here’s to juicing and your own health success because of it! 

Learn more about keeping your pet healthy as can be.

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