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We all want healthy pets and dread the day when something goes wrong; and likely at some point it will.  Or maybe your loving family pet is currently suffering with a health problem? I’m here to tell you, family pets are my passion, big or small.  

Right now we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 bunnies, a bird, rats and fish!  I know a thing or two about them and I can help you.  I have been helping people for decades with a variety of pet issues when they do come up; both from practical experience and a work knowledge in holistic practices. 

Healthy Pets

One of the biggest problems I find today, is HOW do we know if we are doing the right thing?

With so many different opinions, answers, products and never mind all the marketing hype, having healthy pets can be confusing and stressful.

To further complicate matters, we can't effectively communicate with our pets, they can't TELL us when something is wrong. (Of course to help with the communication barrier you can always use a Simple Health Test.)  Our pets are quite helpless; they look to us in meeting their basic needs.

Of course, your pet's health is of the utmost importance, bottom line. 

"You Are What You Eat"

To have and maintain a truly healthy pet, it all starts with basic food choices; much like our own health. Have you heard the expression ‘you are what you eat?’  For instance, organic and natural is the ultimate way to go.  If you want to really do your best for your canine friend, use this raw food diet recipe (make substitutions where needed). IF there is one aspect we can all agree on is this, commercial pet food is just unhealthy; period! 

Our pets are individuals with their own unique needs and circumstances. What might be good for one is NOT necessarily good for ALL.  Sometimes finding the right foods and treats can be the most tedious task but with huge pay offs; so, don’t brush over this point.  (To save a lot of time on trial and error, do a quick Simple Health Test to know which choices are best for your healthy pet.) 

If you are looking for better quality pet foods, supplies, accessories, cheap dog beds or even the popular luxury memory foam dog bed , you'll find it all in one convenient location.  Right below ...

I've always been interested in pet facts; why is my dog doing this or my cat acts that way?  Over the years I’ve learned much about ‘bunny behavior’ as well.  So I wrote a fun, informative article here and included a great resource for those suffering with pet allergies in there too! 

With the high demand for quality dog training information, I have written a simple, useful article offering you the best recommended tips I have used successfully to stop most/any bad dog behavior!   But the real key here to making it work is your willingness to follow through with the suggestions.

Best Pet Investment

And last but certainly not the least important, is one of the best investments you could ever make for your healthy pet, next to a proper diet, is this particular pet insurance! You simply never know when a serious accident or illness could occur. I have had to use it myself on occasion and it saved me thousands! Not to mention it could help to save their life...

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