Is there ANY Healthy Water?

Access to healthy water is a valid concern. There are MANY clean water services available, but first you should be informed about a few things.

Healthy Water

Is drinking water good for your health or even necessary? Is there really such thing as bad water today?

While some believe that drinking more is better, others disagree. Studies prove certain types of water can do more harm than good.

While it is true that we need fluid to avoid dehydration, we can drink other forms besides water. As athletes do to prolong performance and replace lost sodium from perspiration.

I myself do not 'drink water' in the exact manner most people believe you should today .... '8 glasses per day' or the calculation used by body weight and any other methods I have heard about.

Instead, I consume needed 'fluid' for hydration by juicing primarily and have done so for over 25 years now.  I have no need to buy into clean water services, so, it saves me money too.

Never mind all of the health benefits my family derives from juicing!

Fresh fruits and vegetables contain no less than 90 per cent 'pure' H20 (hydrogen and oxygen) needed for our health. The most natural source of 'healthy water'. (I'm not ever thirsty either.)

When healthy water is required, such as for cooking, making tea or for the family pet(s), my personal recommendation and only product I use today is the  BERKEY Water System!

Aspects about water you should consider:

Common tap water, as many studies show, contains harmful chemicals, pesticides and more recently, pharmaceutical drugs. City water is bleached to keep it looking clear.

Well water, such as where I live in the country, can be harmful too. We regularly test it for safety. When exposed to well water for a lengthy period of time, many experience 'jumpy legs'. Associated with dry nerve endings in the body from the large amounts of minerals.

Bottled water or spring water has also been proven harmful. Some bottled water companies are owned by Coca Cola and Pepsi. I do not recommend distilled or spring water alone either as it has been noted to cause panic attacks with some people.

Natural water found in all fresh fruits and vegetables provides us with the added benefit of necessary nutrition, vitamins, minerals and enzymes too. Our bodies require these daily replacements. Not to mention increased energy and a general sense of well being!

Filtration systems and bottled water is often used in an attempt to avoid polluted water. While this often improves taste and odor, many of the dangers can still exist.

Filtration systems are not always effective in removing arsenic, copper, lead, parasites and more. In addition, if the filters are not changed regularly they lose their ability to function over time and create further bacteria.

Manufactured water uses heavy marketing and advertising which sounds good, but is it really? The low grade plastic containers alone leach toxins that are said to be cancer causing. Not to mention pollute our land fills. Most are simply tap water that has been bleached and modified. 

My Top 2 Personal Recommendations:

#2 - Waterwise 4000 Countertop Distiller

Far less expensive then purchasing bottled water over a one year period, (in my case 6 months, I did the math).  After all, we still require water for cooking, not just for drinking.  They offer various sizes and models too.

I have used this machine for years. A small counter top device that converts 'any' water to steam then back to water. Eliminating all possible dangers effectively.  

They have been fantastic to deal with as well regarding customer service and our machines have lasted many years.

#1 - Big Berkey Countertop Water System

Priced about the same, ease of use and maintenance similar as well.  But given today's new specifications and health considerations I feel the Berkey machines are superior and we have just recently purchased these machines.

I like that they are gravity fed devices and not distilled.   Meaning they are not striped of needed minerals that you would then need to add back into the water.  But you decide.

Tip - If you cannot afford this system, including buying water, then at least boil it for 10-20 minutes, let it cool, strain (through a fine cloth) and place in your fridge. Or leave on the counter top to use for cooking. A more healthy water choice!

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