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Whether you are simply looking for some useful herb information, or a few specifics on how-to use certain herbs for your health, you are in the right place.

Here we offer you many ways, simply and quickly to improve your health naturally by using these incredible plants, fresh or dried, discussed in greater detail here.

Herb Information

Herbs have merit in many aspects of life and are most popular in cooking and for medicinal purposes.  I regularly use herbal remedies as a safer alternative to pharmaceuticals.  Efficient without all the side effects. Not only are they edible, but also a great natural alternative in the beauty industry too.  

Herb Information - Growing herbs at home

Growing herbs is a fun, money-saving hobby that also happens to be good for your health, filled with antioxidants and essential nutrients.

Their variety of shapes, sizes and colors make them an excellent addition for your garden. Most are perennials and very hardy plants.

Some are flowering, small for edges, large for division, tall for privacy or short for balance. They assist with the soil and to keep many bugs at bay.

When I was a single mother I turned every possible inch of my front yard into a healing garden; in fact, my first year I received the communities in bloom award!

Home Herbal Remedy

Discover many of the uses for herbs in my how to use herbs guide. A simple, yet practical resource to help you get started with the basics. 

We now understand via herb information their meaningful role in bringing flavour to the forefront of today's health and wellness conversations.

Garlic has been around for centuries. A popular seasoning for cooking a variety of dishes. But using  garlic for health is equally popular, and rightfully so! There is one poisonous form however you should be aware of.

For most, oregano is generally popular with a variety of Italian foods and not as well known for its cancer curing abilities, among other things. Not only do I enjoy the aroma and taste of oregano, but its healing properties are unmatched. 

Lavender is not only a beautiful addition to any perennial garden, but offers many healing properties and health benefits. Did you know that the flowers are edible?

Perhaps one of the more interesting herbs is sage. Not only does it offer medicinal uses, is another great perennial for the gardens; but many Native American Indian Tribes consider this an important herb for purification! 

All of these herbs provide herbal remedies with spectacular results for your family and even our pets too.  Come back often, book mark this page or sign up FREE to receive new herb content as it is added! 

Do you have an herb or topic you would like to know more about and don't see here?  Please feel free to Contact me, I would love to hear about it from you.

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