Hiatal 'Hernia'

Adults and children can both experience having a hernia (or hiatal hernia). It is simply when part of the stomach pushes up into the diaphragm. It's quite common actually.  My own family has dealt with this a lot.

Belly Button Hernia

Contrary to popular belief, only 10% of hernias occur as a result of injury, or history of an injury, such as a sudden strain producing pain and a swelling in the groin. More commonly, discomfort in the groin draws attention to the associated groin swelling.

Occasionally, this swelling causes no symptoms; for example, when showering. This can cause concern that the swelling is due to cancer. (However, swellings due to cancer do not normally disappear when you are lying down!)

Common Symptoms

  • Difficulty in breathing (I would often gasp for air or sigh a lot) 
  • Heart flutters
  • Nausea
  • Gas 
  • Bloating

Common Causes

  • Undigested food primarily
  • Eating too quickly - (sub cause parasites )
  • Over consumption of caffeine (coffee, tea, even chocolate)

See my #1 Product Recommendation and other home remedies below!

Caffeine and Chocolate


Caffeine and chocolate is necessary for a while. It will further aggravate this condition. Eating smaller meals, slowly and chewing well is beneficial. Lighter meals that are more easily digestible help a lot too.

They are more obvious when standing, as the effect of gravity encourages abdominal contents to fall into the hernia sac.


You can detect if you have one by lying on your back. Using your fingers feel around, pushing gently in the upper stomach area. You may feel one (or more) small (or larger) balls, even a pulsating feeling beneath your fingers. Pushing too hard can feel painful.

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Hiatal Hernia Home Remedy

What I generally do is simply lie in this position (on my back) and whatever I have handy, my hands or even the TV remote, I will take a deep breath, then push down on that ball while slowly exhaling. Allowing it to pulsate, moving it towards my feet, away from my heart. This offers immediate relief for me. (The idea is to 'get rid of that ball' or balls, they will eventually collapse.)

I will do this many times until I start to feel better (or until the area becomes too sore to continue.) This mechanical type release of a stubborn hernia can be done several times whenever needed. It's an incredibly effective technique taught to me by a chiropractor.  

My daughter's hernia story...

I can recall one winter, about 20 years ago, traveling to Michigan with my family from Toronto, Canada.  Did I mention during a snowstorm!  Why?  Because my oldest daughter at the time was having stomach issues, she would complain nearly every day. 

I couldn’t take it anymore.  Doctors here didn’t know. I was about to try anything suggested as there was no other hope at that point.  So we traveled nearly 6 hours straight that day to visit a chiropractor, who was also our dear friend and colleague.  

He had my daughter lay on her back on his table, and until this day I did not even know what one was.  He explained it was such a common thing for little ones’ as they often would eat so fast.  Thankfully, the fix was just as quick and painless.  And I’m happy to report my daughter never complained after that day! 

#1 Recommended Product

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Other Best Product Recommendations

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