Memory Foam Dog Beds
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Why choose Memory Foam Dog Beds?  Because we all love our pets, and want the best for them; and that should include their bedding! Before I knew I could buy such a great dog bed, the kids and I tried to come up with ways to make one.  I think one of our best ideas was recycling their old mattress!

Dogs need their own beds, not your hand-me-downs.

These are our two really big mountain dogs; Troy and Cheyenne.  As you can see, they prefer to be on a bed, comfortable, if given a choice.   Today I know you can simply buy your Memory Foam Dog Beds, then you don't have to do this!

These dogs obviously prefer colder climates, and enjoyed spending much of their time on the cool garage floor.   (Don’t worry, it was a very large, attached garage we converted to a man cave.)  Although they liked it, I knew that for them to lie on the concrete all the time wasn't good for their health.

Using the old single mattress was great and they used it a lot but I have to admit, they appreciated the 'memory foam' dog beds more and this made my life much easier now too.

These beds are not only available in different sizes but come in various colors too if you want to match your décor.  The quality is far better because they’re built for dogs!

You could even add a heating pad, great for aging dogs that need some extra warmth. Have you seen this Pillow Top Orthopedic Memory Foam Dog Bed?  Now, this is luxury for large breed dogs.

Maybe your dog needs an elevated bed or water proof bed, complete with a washable cover!  

Have you ever tried to keep a recycled mattress clean and dry too?  I can tell you from experience, towels, blankets, sheets, even mattress protectors are all a pain.  I find it next to impossible to get those things to actually stay on.  They don't work well.

Dog kennel mats are a fantastic idea to help keep your pet comfortable.  These can be very affordable, and machine washable too!

Non-slip crate pads are fantastic for use in the car while traveling.  I use them often with our small animal carrier for our trips to the vet.

I’ve used them safely while traveling with our cats and bunnies.  Did I mention we have those too?

Canada Shoppers, click the picture to see what's available for your pets.

Are you a sucker for cuddling with your pooch on the sofa or bed?  Well I am, but then there are moments when that is simply out of the question and off limits for various reasons.

The first reason that comes to mind is that they are wet from a trip outside in the rain and need to dry off a bit or dirty after a hike on the trails.

I feel so bad when they look at me with those big sad eyes.  BUT then I found this great dog bed lounger!  Their own sofa solved the problem for me; I no longer had to feel horrible.  Only problem was, the cat likes it too and he seems to rule.

Memory Foam Dog Beds are not the only items you will find here. Natural food, organic treats, dental products, even stairs to help your dog up, toys, cage accessories and more!

Learn more helpful information for your pets.

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