Liver, Blood & More

These incredible 'healing lights' offer our clients natural pain relief caused by subluxations and injuries but also help the body to break up stones (such as liver stones or gall stones) and even help to dissolve blood clots!

Pain Relief

These Clarus healing lights use SRT Technology and the treatments with them are our absolute best go-to natural remedy when dealing with those painful issues.  

We have not only used them with tremendous success at the clinic, but also on ourselves regularly to help with less threatening everyday common issues as well.  Such as to help heal an organ, elevate nausea or headaches and other things.

Simply put, these powerful healing lights mimic the suns ability to fast track own own natural healing process we all have within us.  A kind of 'bio-energy' that protects us and helps heal.

What to expect in a session

Upon arrival you will be placed in a quiet room, to either sit or lay down.  Either way you can relax, rest, read or anything else.   One or several light units will be strategically placed on specific points as required.  

In some cases, we may use a 'light belt' which houses 5 larger units at once and is wrapped comfortably around a specific area as determined by the practitioner.  

Each session generally would lasts 60 minutes but could require a few treatments depending on the severity as well.  

Although nothing is really felt during the process, usually within the half way point, positive relief is accomplished.

In most cases a 'single light' will do


"I recall, quite recently in fact my nephew experiencing severe pain on his left side, inability to eat, nausea and he had lost 20 pounds in a short time.  As my sister works in a local hospital she suggested he go inquire about having more in depth tests.

It had become so bad in fact he was given a week off work to have a recommended 'series of tests' performed, including X-rays, MRI, blood tests and a scope.  Everything came back normal, how?

He had stopped by to visit my mother one afternoon since he had time off and was in town.  This led to my mother believing the issue was a blood clot, and proceeded to 'hook him up to the light belt' while she proceeded with other clients that day.

He sat with my father and after 30 minutes asked for food.  He ate a giant plate and explained it was the first big meal he was able to eat and keep down in weeks.  And the relief was instant from this natural pain relief method.

He has been fine ever since..."

Natural Pain Relief
Liver Stones, Gall Stone or Blood Clot

Here's how we achieve natural pain relief caused by stones in our clinic.  To be sure we are dealing with a stone, first we use a Simple Health Test on the 'stone reflex' located a little above the naval.  Generally this area is very sore when touched too.

Once we have determined this is the issue, we further locate the precise area of the liver, gallbladder, bile duct, kidney or bladder to determine placement of the healing lights or belt for natural pain relief.  Usually more focused pain will also be noticed in those areas, including between the shoulder blades.

Clinical nutrition could also be recommended to help with the process of passing stones, more stubborn stones but often we find the light therapy is enough to help dissolve them comfortably. 

For blood clots again we would perform a quick Simple Health Test to determine if this is the source of the pain or issue.  If so there is a specific placement depending if the client is male or female and generally treatments requires 60 minutes.

We can also use a 'light belt' 5 devices' together

Please contact me directly to book appointments, the fee is $50 with any healing light treatment - hope to see you soon!

IF you are interested in similar technology for personal use, Q-Link offers small personal products like the pendant I wear daily to combat symptoms such as fatigue, confusion, headaches and heighten emotions caused from exposure to harmful EMF's.

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