Natural Vitamins vs Organic
(and the bad ones too!)

Are you surprised to know that there are bad vitamins? Natural vitamins, even the term 'organic,' does not mean they are natural; most are not.  Therefore not good for you.  It does, however, mean that a 'part' of the product or process is. Therefore, it can be labelled as natural.  With such a wide variety of vitamins on the market, it can be very confusing, dangerous eve.  So I'm here to help you.

Natural Vitamins vs Bad VitaminsVitamins-Good and Bad

Some of us hear about a 'natural product' (which has been heavily marketed) then, are immediately convinced they need it. This could be a very dangerous practice and one I see everyday with people.

It becomes even more complicated when you realize that "what is good for one does not mean it is good for ALL." You must take into consideration a persons individual needs, lifestyle and circumstances.

Most products were not meant as a meal replacement, but instead to supplement an already healthy diet. You can't ignore the basics.

However, someone trained in the world of vitamin know how, they can certainly assist in times of need and play a most valuable role.

For instance, when Vitamin D is not readily available, naturally from the sun during the winter months; a top quality Vitamin D supplement is can be necessary for some people. Not ALL people; however.

A product labeled ‘natural’ does not mean that it can’t harm you if you don’t need it or that it's good for you.

Various Supplements

Here's how to tell the difference

Many products lack whole foods and are replaced with synthetic fillers instead. The 'fast food supplements' are generally manufactured by pharmaceutical (or drug) companies.

Only a small percentage of content exists in them from a natural source. It can still be labeled ‘natural’ even with the low natural vitamins in it. This could make you more deficient and out of balance, creating further problems.

Hence, the phrase 'this doesn't / didn't work!'

They do not contain what is needed from nature that would make the product work safely and effectively. But even the best grade products can make you sick if you don't need them.

Other vitamins are designed for a specific purpose

If you needed help in a defined area and you could not physically consume enough whole foods to accomplish this, the amount available in a multi-vitamin would be too small to be of any real benefit or for you to notice any change.

When asking for advice, seek out a professional in the field, not someone merely interested in selling you a product. Seek someone who is fully trained and has experience with it.

Even myself, trained and educated in 'vitamins and supplements', will perform a Simple Health Test, to quickly determine if I need a product or to determine if I can safely use it at this time.

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