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I decided to write about the real truth behind organic vitamins and health supplements recently with the growing use of the word 'natural'.  Here are some of the reasons why I choose organic vegetables and other foods, and question labels that claim to be 'natural' by fully reading the ingredients.

Natural vs Organic vitamins

‘Natural’ simply means that part of the process is natural. Usually at the end of the processing stage. Eliminating some of the harmful synthetics, colors, dies or preservatives added to the product or food.

‘Organic’ would then mean that the entire process is natural from start to finish. When the vegetable was merely a seed in the ground for example, the soil it was grown in, what the crops were sprayed with (or NOT sprayed with), how they are processed, packaged and shipped.

Believe it or not even the wine we drink, is packed full of chemicals in order to preserve the product to ship to another country.  Even the water we drink is no longer safe!

Cattle are injected with harmful vaccines and hormones to contaminate the red meat and it’s milk we consume.  Oh, and it gets better, have you heard of meat glue?  Don't even get me started.

Of course some will argue that the cost to purchase the organic vitamin or food product is high, but will it not also dictate it's quality and effectiveness.  If you think about it, yes you do pay the heavier price for an organic product but do you not pay an even more costly price on your health?  

Consuming the products that carry the synthetics, dies, pesticides, hormones and chemicals you in fact contribute to your own health problems and high risks too.

What is your definition of living a long fruitful life? Living to be 102? NOT if it's in an old age home, wheelchair or on life support. That is simply just existing in my book.

Living with pain or suffering combined with any inability to care for yourself, regardless of age is what should matter most.

I think I will choose how to live my healthy life by ensuring my supplements and foods are the best quality they can be so I may never be limited in my abilities.  And by taking all the necessary wellness steps that ensure a healthy lifestyle too! 

By the way, incase you haven't noticed, I recommend only the very best alternative services and healthy products I know of and use everyday to ensure my own good health.

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