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Although our health story begins with ill health, it most definitely ends with good health being achieved.

My family's journey begins 30 years ago.  Health was declining one by one despite conventional medicine. We felt alone and wondered; how could the system have failed us?

Alternatives were strange and difficult to believe.  Even expensive and hard to find.  Where does one begin?  It took us years to navigate through these new methods but eventually it brought us all back to good health!

I was only a teenage girl when my mother was fading out of our lives. Running to doctors, specialists and surgeons, yet still living in a world of sickness and pain.  Life's most basic tasks were challenging for her.

Our kitchen cupboard became her personal medicine cabinet, but still despite all of this, we were losing her.  At this point we almost believed, that this would be the place where out health story ends.

In fact, she shared with me years later, the numerous medical mistakes she endured, when she tried to suggest 'this doesn't feel right' it was then implied to her that perhaps "its all in your head!"

Here's the short list (imagine the long version) of what she endured :

  • Mitral valve 
  • Arthritis (later remedied using 'gout' protocol)
  • Bursitis (later remedied as well, will add that article shortly)
  • Thyroid (that their drugs did not 'fix' ... but this did)
  • Tail bone removed with part of her sacrum too; making it difficult for her to sit (knowing today there are alternatives)
  • Breathing issues, severe tiredness caused her wedding to be cancelled 2 weeks prior we have come to know today was thyroid 
  • Bladder was stretched 3 times as this is how 'infection' was handled at the time (later remedies, will also add this article shortly)
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists (remedied by first correcting the thyroid then some emotional brain support, will add this amazing product information shortly)
  • Heavy narcotics for anxiety were prescribed; thankfully, she was told by a local pharmacists he would NOT fill out her prescription and suggested this could 'kill her'
  • The drugs left her unable to function at all, she struggled to survive even a single day, and she had 3 little ones at home
  • Kidney damage from the various drugs; thankfully, it had been saved despite requiring on going nutrition from time to time, which I will write about as well

OK, back to our health story.  I just wanted you to realize that no matter what your 'current' state of health is, regardless of what it is you are battling with, there IS help, there are solutions.

Then one day, through a friend, I met a healer.  I booked an appointment and would not take no for an answer. My family was supportive and recognized traditional methods had made matters worse.

Since then, we have never looked back...

We opened a family business to share our health story miracles. I learned about laws, regulations, rules, beliefs, nay sayers and so on.  How traditional methods seemed to control and manipulate the system instead of focusing on making people better.

A few years later, our health story changed, we began teaching others what we had learned. It was incredibly fulfilling to help others learn ways to achieve good health, without the time and expense we suffered through.

Today, we work on bringing you various remedies, tools, products and a method we use in all things - A Simple Health Test (coming soon).  

Now you too can practice, learn, discover and realize that good health IS possible with the right guidance and information!

Throughout this site you will hear so many of our personal health stories and learn about our health discoveries that brought us to good health.  We share it all; enjoy and please pass it along!

We were first introduced to the world of Herbalism, Touch for Health and Touch Healing. Brain Gym, Contact Reflex Analysis and Designed Clinical Nutrition. Earning many degrees in Canada and the US, including hypnotherapy and learning about wild edibles.  In addition to purchasing and reading hundreds of books!

We thank our customers, clients and dear friends whom we have had the privilege of learning and sharing our many health stories and miracles together with more to come, so stay tuned!

I wish to dedicate this page about us to our dear friend who started us on our good health journey, and saved my mother's life, Dr. Charles Potter, MH who is sadly missed today...but NEVER forgotten.

I loved to sit and listen as he shared his knowledge about life, health, and animals, and his wisdom about those who try to stop us from achieving more and helping others, by imposing ridiculous restrictions on us natural born healers, which HE certainly was!

PS - Since you have made it this far and took the time to read our health story, I have something for you that Charles showed me.

Your left hand IS the healing hand - place the palm of your left hand over an injury, sore spot, or health condition such as thyroid (in this case, hold  your open left hand with palm facing the base of your throat, where the little indent is.)

I can recall as a teenage girl, my mother calling Charles in the night asking for his help with me.  (He would never say no to anyone in need.)  I could hardly breathe, gasping for air, I was very afraid.  

Charles calmly used his very large left hand, placed it over my thyroid and within seconds I too was calming, breathing normal again.

I think you get the idea. It's a miracle, truly. I use it on myself, my children, and on my pets too.

It works best if you use someone else's hand; it's more effective, unless they are too tired or sick themselves and haven't the natural 'healing energy' within us all to spare in that moment!

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