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Why do animals do that? I've always been curious about animal behavior. I had the privilege of growing up with many varieties of animals and learned many interesting pet facts from them. 

Such as saving lives, even risking their own to do it. Some have helped the handicapped or were trained to accomplish unbelievable tasks.


My own dogs alert me in times of danger, watch over my children and have protected us when in need. Our cat too ironically! In fact, one of our cats was also in the habit of alerting me if things were not quite right.  

Did you know that rabbits are easily litter box trained?  We have had 2 so far and in both cases have done so easily.  Since we are in the habit of allowing our bunnies to hop around freely this is important.  However, rabbits can leave a few droppings in a room to mark their territory; as we have other pets in the house.  Or in situations where they have suddenly been startled.  

Here's a cool pet fact; I had a pair of birds years back, a brother and sister.  Again, as I often leave my pets 'free' to move about the house, the female came to me attempting to 'get my attention'.  

I was vacuuming at the time when I noticed her hopping around the floor, wildly flapping her wings. I shut the vacuum off and followed her across the floor, then into the bathroom.  She hopped up on the back of the toilet leading me to wear her brother was drowning!

Pet Rats

Rats are highly intelligent and most like us.   My daughters pet rat(s) taught me a lot about 'safe' food. It would simply sniff the food first, before eating it, avoiding anything 'bad' or improperly washed. Rats are very easy to train too!

Charles Potter, a dear colleague and friend, once shared a great story with me.  He would often visit the local zoo and bring with him a basket of apples; some he had injected with caffeine. He would offer his apples to the monkeys and they too would smell the food first. The apples containing the caffeine would quickly be thrown back at him in a very aggressive manner!

Why do dogs appear more friendly than cats? Dogs, known as mans best friend, are more genuinely out going. Yet cats are described as being cool, reserved and independent.

Have you ever heard the expression "dogs have owners while cats have staff"?  I know our cat certainly has my family well trained, in addition to all the other animals in the household. 

Dogs vs Cats

Dogs are descendants of the wolf family. They are extremely social and live in packs. Cats on the other hand live and hunt primarily alone. They do not need the same social skills of pack life for survival.

Cats are natural hunters and far more active in the dark. To help them, their long whiskers allow them to feel things beyond their face or body. They are said to be nocturnal.

Cats have the best vision in total darkness than any other domestic species. They also have the largest eyes in proportion to their body size.

Dogs and cats are not completely color blind. Red and green color blind, yes. Their eyes have fewer cones than the human eye so colors appear less sharp, more washed out.

Here is a great article that tells you lots more differences between canine, and felines.

Dog Allergies and Cat Allergies

Dog allergies and cat allergies are common obstacles for many pet owners today. So I am going to shed some 'natural' light on the subject and offer you a simple solution without using ANY drugs!  (This use to be me!)

People with allergies are more likely to be allergic to cats than having dog allergies. It's often not the fur we are allergic to at all; but rather the saliva from the cat instead. Dogs do not maintain the same cleaning rituals as cats do by licking their fur.

Here is the best allergy treatment available I know of that is completely drugs free and requires NO products at all.  It has worked for me time and time again.

I offer this below as a FREE pdf download.

I experienced terrible cat allergies as a child. This treatment has allowed me to live with cats!  My oldest daughter was allergic to cage litter, this treatment helped her a lot, but we did switch to a healthier litter of corn cob for her smaller pets.

Are you looking for an easy way to figure out what your pet could be allergic to, like certain foods or bedding?  Do this Simple Health Test now so you can help yourself and your pet!

FREE Allergy Treatment

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