Why You Need Pet Insurance

Did you think about pet insurance when you first decided to buy your loving four legged friend?  Most of us don't, despite knowing there are costs involved.  We sometimes overlook what could be the most important decision; good pet health insurance!  

Why You Need Pet Insurance

Having health insurance for your pet is a smart way to protecting their health and wellbeing throughout all stages of their life.   Thankfully, some companies do offer help in that regard.  Here’s a company I’ve used with good results.

Although we hope we'll never have to use it, I can tell you from experience, my pet insurance came in handy.  My dog of two years had to have surgery for a serious leg injury. Our pet health insurance reimbursed me for the cost of the emergency visit as well as the procedure itself.

It was hard enough dealing with the stress of a sick or injured pet; it’s even harder to worry how you will be able to cover their health care needs. Thankfully, I had a good plan that offered me peace of mind and a speedy recovery for my dog!

Here's why I like this Company

  • Available in Canada and US for dogs and cats
  • You can compare them with other companies on their web site
  • No limits on payouts and they cover 90 per cent of costs
  • Monthly premiums to fit your budget and no age increases
  • Trupanion.com earned the AAHA seal of acceptance!

They offer a wealth of information regarding dog AND cat breeds, and can learn about potential health issues of any breed there too.

Here's a story about what happened to me before I knew about pet health insurance, 

One afternoon I had to leave my home for a real estate showing.  So I put the baby in the stroller and off we went with the dog to a local park, it was a nice day.  While we played on the playground, my dog enjoyed a stick under a shade tree.  

What I did not know at the time was that the stick was the remains of a large firecracker she found.  Needless to say, she required costly medical attention as she got lead poison from it.  

I wished that day I had health insurance for my dog, then none at all; a mistake that cost me that day.

The only downside if you want to even call it that, is this; only accident & disease is covered.  In other words, no routine health care such as vaccines, heart worm, deworming and such.  

Did you know that your annual heartworm prevention medicine, from your Veterinarian, includes a de-wormer (parasite treatment for most of the main ones, not all) within it?  So you should be well covered.

Read my article on parasites in our health tips section for further details to understand common signs and symptoms to watch for.  And discover some effective remedies there too.

Finally, many satisfied customers have given them excellent reviews and after researching many companies for pet insurance, Trupanion earns the golden star hands down.

Visit Trupanion.com today and learn what they can do for you and your pets!

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