Looking for Safe Cookware?

Here is my preferred choice for safe cookware, after much experience and research on green cookware - my answer was simple, surgical stainless steel.  Read on to discover some impressive details; like I did.

360 Cookware

I found a superb company offering just the product. First let me mention my other top choices (based solely for health reasons) before our #1 recommendation:

  • Cast iron (very heavy, requires some maintenance, good for the BBQ)
  • Glass (unsafe, potential to break, requires careful handling when hot)
  • Stoneware (heavy, I like to use soap which you can't use on stone, it seems cleaner to me - but soap will clog the pores of the stone)

OK. Back to my #1 choice - stainless! But not just any stainless, surgical stainless steel. I love it, here's why:

  • Lifetime warranty (I should mention that first)
  • No need to add grease, oil or tons of water to cook with
  • No nutritional loss, cooks below blowing point, like with steaming
  • Healthier (vapor technology, excellent real flavor)
  • Fast (heat low-med, never high, you are not cooking goodness away)
  • Cooks fast and at lower temperature, saving $ on gas & electricity
  • Mini oven (can bake this way, on the stove top, incredible)
  • Can cook whole meals in one pan, does not burn or stick 

All 360 cookware products are considered 'green' products

This means that your food never comes into contact with harmful metals, coatings or other potentially dangerous elements that can leach into your food.  They are encased in safe T-304 stainless steel.

Your food remains clean and safe while it cooks quickly yet gently at lower temperatures, preserving nutrients, goodness and purity,

They not only offer cookware but bakeware items and accessories too.  In addition to their own cookbook which includes some basic instructions and some great healthy cooking recipes!

I have to admit that their customer service is good but its their education I like best.  Through their use of live demonstrations, videos and webinars they show you, in a simple to follow easy manner, how the cookware actually functions.  Its incredible.

I'm kind of a visual learner so that aspect sealed the deal for me!

I have no other comparison at this time as far as I can determine. If I do, I'll certainly let you know. Until then, visit my personal recommendation for safe cookware here!

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360 Cookware