Save On Groceries
by Eating Clean

A big concern these days for many of us is how to save on groceries while still improving your health by eating clean!  Is this even possible today?

Save On Groceries

I've often been asked the question 'how can I eat healthy on a budget with limited time for preparation?' This problem can be handled with smarter food choices and the right tools.

For instance, most ready made foods (soups, snacks etc.) can be replaced with a simple home preparation;  like this amazing soup recipe here . Far more cost effective AND better in nutritional value.

Studies have shown that many people spend an incredible amount of money on fast foods, coffee breaks and snack items. And many of todays children (never mind the adults) meet few, if any, nutritional guideline recommendations too.

My best advice to help you and your family to stop eating junk food is to avoid the centre isles in grocery stores as much as possible. Not only are they costly, but lack in any important, needed nutrients.

Instead, try some new seasonal fruits or vegetables, some nuts and seeds. The money you save on the snacks can go towards better quality food, even organic!

There are many solutions for time saving methods too. Such as crock pots, pressure cookers, steamers and rice cookers. These are great for saving time.   Have you ever considered using a solar cooker for saving money AND energy?

My personal favorite - the vita mix! A product I use daily, to make healthy quick soups, smoothies, our morning green drink and so much more.  You'll find plenty of re-furished models here and reasons why YOU should be juicing today!

Save on groceries by doing these things!

Leave the junk for others, you and your family deserve to eat healthier AND save on groceries while you do it!

When I first started eating clean; it was difficult, I won’t lie.  But gradually as my grocery budget improved, energy increased, symptoms of ill health diminished, it became easy until it then became a lifestyle choice.

Of course, my goal started out with the objective of saving money on groceries, and as a single parent, keeping expenses low is just something you naturally must do.  Looking for ways to save on groceries was a no brainer.  There are always unnecessary items in your shopping cart if you want to be completely honest.

Next thing I knew that winter, I was planning my backyard garden and when spring rolled around I was ready to start digging, planting, learning, growing and finally harvesting!  I can’t tell you what an incredible experience it was for me and my daughter; and the benefits of clean eating never stopped!

Always remember, clean eating is not a diet, it’s a way of eating. Some of the benefits of eating clean are:

  • Sleep better
  • Lose body fat 
  • Weight loss
  • Have more energy
  • Decrease your risk of diseases
  • Higher metabolism

Eating clean just makes sense, plain and simple; you feel better altogether in ways you really have to experience for yourself.

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