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Solar Cookers

I find the how to's of solar cookers amazing. First because the power of the sun is of course free! Not only does it save our planet from not using further natural resources but it's healthier too.

Solar cooking does not use the suns heat to cook, but rather the suns rays that convert to energy that cooks the food. Cooking slowly, evenly and naturally.

Cooking can be done year round in this manner, despite the location, however it is logical that it is best done in the summer months.  Your biggest challenge will be the weather.  Such as fog, clouds, rain and general conditions or locations where the sun is limited.

Even on a cloudy day you can still cook your food, it may slow down the process however. Baking is also possible with this method of cooking and best done when the sun is high during peak times!

I found an incredible web site where I was overwhelmed by the details. Easy to find, follow and understand. If you were searching to purchase a cooker, find recipes, books or videos, you will find it all at one convenient place!

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There are many types of cookers and accessories, but they all offer the same benefits of a healthier choice than gas, smoke, BBQ carcinogens and microwaves, while saving energy too!

You will be able to read the latest, up to date news and information and many ways in which you can build your own!

There are pros and cons to every type, be sure to view comparisons to make certain you are investing in the right product or materials if you are building your own.


Here's a few tips I've learned about getting the most out of your solar cooker.  Number one plan ahead a little.  Take care of your food preparation in advance so that when you decide to cook, things are ready for you.  Maybe soak your beans the day before for instance.

When in doubt, use a meat thermometer.  You don't want to make a mistake here.  Its almost impossible to burn your food, so there is no need to keep watching over it as with traditional methods.

Heat up the cooker prior to use, maybe the pans too!

The more food and the larger the pieces, the more time it will require to cook.  Cut it up into smaller chunks or cook in stages maybe.  Cook the harder foods awhile first, like turnip and leave the spinach to add in a bit later.

And of course, the more you open the lid, the more the heat escapes and cooking time will increase.

Happy solar cooking!

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