Solar Panels
Good For The Planet & Your Wallet

Here you will not only discover solar panels for your home but other great solar energy products too.

First, I think I should tell you, that having solar panels installed in your home could provide you with income generation!  Depending on where you live of course.  But many places offer renewable energy incentives designed to encourage you to make the switch.

GoGreenSolar Holidays

GoGreenSolar is my #1 online destination for solar panels for your home! 

Whether you’re looking for complete systems or individual products this is the right place to investigate the power of green energy.

Educational books, learning videos and DIY Solar kits are all available in one convenient place.  Here to meet your needs and assist you with various projects you may be considering.

A quick word about these Do-It-Yourself kits … each one comes complete with everything you, or your contractor needs.  But, they also offer a ‘permit service’. 

You can have detailed plans with permit documents all done up for you.  They even provide Even with 0% down financing too.

This company offers great support, quick shipping and a wide inventory selection. If you are looking for a quote for solar, testimonials or information on tax credits and rebates, look no further.

Try their free and unique solar calculator tool (below), that will estimate the value of your solar system based on your previous monthly or yearly electric bill!  A very handy tool.

There is no disputing the facts when it comes to green energy.  And anything that helps save and preserve our planet while improving health is just plain smart. 

But when you can save money too, you should sit up and pay attention.  Sometimes there’s just no disputing the facts.

Here’s a few more of my great finds.

A favorite item for me, as we live in the country, is their ‘solar security light’. 

My family recently replaced ‘all’ bulbs in our home with a variety of LED lighting.  Despite the initial cost outlay, they use less energy, offer more brightness and a longer life without the dangers and health hazards of traditional bulbs.

Besides, the thought of traditional bulbs breaking, scared me knowing there toxic 'mercury' contained within...and the potential health risks even if not broken!

Once the next bills came in and we had a few to compare, we actually saved more than I had even expected.

Today, more and more people are going solar, but it isn’t for everyone.  Here’s a few factors to consider if solar panels are right for you.

  • Do you own your own home?
  • Do you have a good roof that is not heavily shaded?
  • Are you interested in saving money?
  • Do you care about your health and the planet too?

With nothing to lose, request your free quote here!

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