STREP - Do's and Don'ts

Strep throat can be a horrible condition to have to contend with. Often it can be described as 'swallowing razor blades'.

An incredibly painful sore throat that can sometimes have cold or flu like symtpoms with it. This infection is contagious.

It is possible to have this in your knee(s) - generally caused from an injury. I fell on the ice landing on my knee as a kid. For 10 years following I never knew I had 'strep in my knee', the medical profession didn't either.

They performed an arthiscope to determine what was wrong (a very painful procedure.) I had a small amount of fluid in my knee, it would swell, causing pain, stiffness and the inability to thoroughly move it.

Often the cold or damp weather, including a walk down the freezer isle in my grocery store would cause swelling. As would the car vents blowing cold air on my knee.

Here is some useful advice:

Avoid all dairy products. My own favorite product to use is GSE by NutriBiotic, a grapefruit seed extract (liquid drops). As a natural antibiotic.

You can also gargle with warm water, salt and a few drops of GSE several times daily (do not swallow.) Very powerful to help stop the pain immediately.

Not only for your throat, knee(s) but ear infections too. (Mix up to 10 drops 3 times daily in organge juice and drink, it tastes horrible, so use real OJ.)

GSE is great for washing pesticides from fruits and vegetables too (it can change the color of your fruit, don't be alarmed it's working.)

Health Products: Congaplex capsules (Standard Process) useful for throat and knees or Spanish Black Raddish tablets (Standard Process) useful for severe sore throats caused from infection and allergies.

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