Thymus Tapping

What is Thymus Tapping.  Well to put it simply our body is energy.  That energy, physical, emotional and spiritual, allows us to move through life.  We have the ability, using tapping therapy and various tapping techniques, like brain gym and other forms of Kinesiology, to 'change' our energy.  

Thymus Tapping

Benefits of Thymus Tapping & Other Therapies

Whether you are looking to increase your energy, reduce pain, elevate your vibration, remove negativity and a host of other such things, these techniques are incredible and all without the need for any tapping equipment.  Unless you call your hands and fingers, equipment.

They are said to boost your immunity, remove toxins by moving lymphatic waste using various methods of tapping, thumping, massaging and rubbing on various specific locations of the body.

Such as meridians, on or near organs, glands or systems of the body.  Depending of course on what you are specifically trying to achieve will determine which areas those are. 

Here are a few of the ones I personally use, teach in my workshops and even offer as FREE pdf downloads for your personal use.  I hope you enjoy them and come back often as new methods are being introduced here.

To get your free copy simply click on one of the links below (or all of the links below) and they will be instantly emailed straight to your inbox.  Use them on yourself, friends and family or even add them to your alternative health practice.  

Tapping Allergy Treatment

I find I use this one most often.  It has helped me overcome severe cat allergies in my teenage years, and my children with various items too.  It is suggested to treat one at a time up to a maximum of 3 items per treatment. 

Learn more about Allergies here and get your FREE pdf download

Tapping Headache Cure

Headaches or migraines.  I included a fantastic bonus technique as well to help eliminate almost all headaches / migraines.  There is a simple health test to determine WHAT things may be causing them also.

Learn ore about headaches here and get your FREE pdf download

Tapping Phobia Remedy

I used this one to rectify my fear of heights!  Immediately after the treatment I stood on top of a chair that was on top of a table, beside a large window that happened to be up on the 15th floor of an office building too!  The treatment held for nearly 15 years. 

Learn more about phobias here and get your FREE pdf download

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