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Thyroid Gland

An effective thyroid treatment, without using drugs, is hard to find. Why? Because there are several aspects of how this gland functions you need to first understand.

This is also not something you would want to ignore should symptoms appear. The thyroid gland is vital for life; the right thyroid treatment is then critical.

Thyroid treatment relating to the brain

This part of the thyroid controls how the brain functions. If you are low on this hormone, some symptoms may include:

  • Depression
  • MS
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Fatigue
  • Low self esteem
  • Difficulty learning

Simply put, the brain needs to be recharged.  From our experience based on results, the most effective and recommended product here would be Mintran (Standard Process)

We often refer to this product as the 'happy pill', and it offers huge relief fast for those suffering with this type of thyroid T1 condition.

Depression, no energy, helplessness

Thyroid treatment relating to the heart

This is the most common type of thyroid problem from our experience, and has to do with controlling the rhythm of the heart effectively. The thyroid is the first back up system to the heart, second are the adrenal glands.

Some symptoms of this thyroid T4 deficiency may include:

  • Heart failure
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Depression
  • Feeling cold due to poor circulation
  • Frequent subluxations

(A subluxation would require a chiropractic adjustment; our chiropractors have explained that low functioning or stressed adrenal glands are seen often here.)

Best product recommendations based on our most positive results - Thytrophin PMG (Standard Process) or  Thyrostim (Biotics Research)

Less common, this thyroid T4-1/2 (hypothyroidism) is likely deficient in the mineral iodine.

There are many great books on the subject.

Symptoms may include goiters, double chins, coughing, anxiety, chest pains, fluid in lungs and can even mimic heart failure.

I highly recommend this book specific for "hashimoto disease" should this be a possibility in your case .

Thyroid treatment relating to the kidneys

This less common thyroid T3 deficiency affects the rhythm of the kidneys. Symptoms may include:

  • Bloating
  • Swelling in the legs
  • Gas
  • Loose bowel
  • Crohn's disease.

The kidneys are not flushing out fluid and waste but backing up into the system with this type of problem.

Recommended product we have known to work well is - Iodomere (Standard Process) you may also want to add A-C Carbamide to help flush the fluid out.

Consider using Cytozyme KD (Biotics Research) this one product saved my own mother’s kidneys!  (More on that in a later article specific for kidney issues; so be sure and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.)

Simple 'thyroid diet' that could change your life!

Here, we bring you a simple food diet that I have personally used to overcome my own thyroid T4 imbalance.  At the time, my thyroid was so bad (due to work related stress) I was taking 12 Thyrostim per day!  (And believe me, I needed it.)

Although it provided me with necessary relief, I thought there has to be something else I can do to cut down or eliminate having to take a product, so off to work; I went finding a food remedy....

It's easy, fast and effective as a treatment and worked incredibly well for me. Throughout my life I have required using these natural thyroid treatments mentioned above periodically, different ones and at different points in my life, I have not used anything at all now for over a decade.

Home Remedy for Natural Thyroid Treatment 

  1. Combine equal amounts of broccoli, fresh parsley and spinach. Chop finely, steam for a few minutes. Season as desired with butter, garlic, salt, pepper or whatever you choose. 
  2. Eat 1/4 cup daily, as part of a meal, a snack or whatever you want.  I have used it as an omelette stuffing, mixed into mashed potatoes but loved it just as well on its own too.

Kelp contains almost 30 minerals, it is rich in iodine and promotes glandular health. Seafood and mushrooms also help with the thyroid gland.

(My suggestion is to perform a few Simple Health Tests to help determine IF you have a thyroid weakness and if so, determine in just a few minutes, which type.  This can then be followed by another test to help determine which product would work best!)

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