Wellness Assessment

Wellness Assessment

What is a wellness assessment?  Imagine what your health might look like if you had an easy way of determining what was wrong and how you could fix it!  Maybe, Just a simple health test, or wellness assessment you could take online, without all the hype.

Imagine if this way let you quickly determine what solutions you could safely use and find the things that are causing you ill health too!

Imagine how your life might look without invasive treatments, surgery or drugs with side effects! Learn with us, how you can find remedies without side effects.

Do you think if you used this, your health could have a better chance and you would have peace of mind?

Do you feel this could also save you time and money too.

A Simple Health Test, or Health Assessment

Just a few of our services include:


Health analysis using a variety of simple health tests to determine root issues and underlying causes not just symptoms.  Great tool for PREVENTION purposes too!

Compatibility must then be used to determine what solutions can safely be used and not cause side effects, as there could be many possible remedies but not every remedy will be compatible, so using a specific set of simple health tests we will determine which is best

Checking of ALL items you are currently using or just want to know about (I ask you bring everything in) and again using a selected simple health test we will find out what could help you or cause you further set backs

Coaching regarding diet & lifestyle recommendations based on our findings through the use of simple health test methods

Conclusion - Specific next steps based on our over all findings and discussions to design a unique health plan so you may know how to best move forward in achieving your personal health goals with the best possible outcome given your personal circumstances & requirements.

Remedies without side Effects are included in all our wellness assessments

We also offer Online Services:


This comprehensive, on line, health assessment will be emailed to you for completion in the comfort of your own home.  Please allow 1-3 days for processing once I receive your completed questionnaire.

Your individual results will then be returned to you including any recommendations.  Suggested products, if any, may also be purchased on line for your convenience or elsewhere if you so choose.

You may complete a new assessment as often as you like.  It is suggested that you maintain those records to track your progress based on changes you have made, recommendations you have followed through on, nutritional products you have used, etc.




        Allergies ~ Headaches / Migraines ~ Phobias

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