What You Should Know
About YEAST (Candida)

Yeast infection (candida), is a fungus type of  infection causing symptoms such as bad odor, discharge and a whitish coating on the tongue (also known as 'thrush'.)

Toenail fungus is equally common for some.  Others have experienced terribly itchy ears, or worse, itchy, burning sensation in the genital area (although not limited to this area only).

Toe Nail FungusToe Nail Fungus

This is highly contagious, sexually and can even be transmitted through bath water (I've had that happen with my kids).  The use of antibiotics will also cause an over growth in most people.  I have even seen house pets, especially dogs that have been affected by this condition as well.

Amazing things can happen when you rid your body of yeast and parasites.  These two being the biggest culprits creating ill health today.  I recently helped a good friend to not only heal his big toe but in the process his many large skin tags under his arms are also falling off!

Scratching Pets

Symptoms your pet might experience, are obsessive scratching, foul odors from their body and ears especially, natural light skin pigment turning dark or very reddish brown fur on their paws or between the pads.

In extreme cases; bleeding from the paws and ears can occur.  This is likely to happen after being left for a length of time, untreated, or treated incorrectly. 

We know we must have a healthy immune system and that the use of antibiotics will compromise its ability as well as the needed friendly bacteria.  IF antibiotics are absolutely necessary, which is sometimes the case, then, you must also use an additional product for support.  

#1 recommended natural products:

As for home remedies for yeast infection, it is difficult to simply get rid of through diet alone.  I have helped many people to deal with this hundreds of times over the years, and have tried or tested most every remedy available.

Below you will find a short list of very specific foods you MUST avoid and those known to be helpful.  Take them seriously in order to not 'feed' the condition further.

(Do a quick Simple Health Test to find out which product would work best.)


February 24, 2017

"I have known Jennell as a friend and an alternative health care practitioner for 22 years now.

In 2005 I had broken my foot.  Approximately 2 months later I saw Jennell on another health matter.  When my testing was being done, Jennell found there was an issue with my foot.  At that point I had mentioned having recently broken it.

She strongly insisted that was not specifically what she was finding, that there was something else.  But at that time I had no reason to believe there was anything else wrong with my foot.  However, 2 years later, the physical symptoms appeared as a bump or type of growth just off my big toe as well as a bit of toenail fungus.

I went to see my medical doctor who then referred me to a specialist, a podiatrist.  The specialist informed me that nothing could be done about this issue and that it was something I would be required to live with, and eventually I would lose my toenail as well.  Orthotics were suggested, nothing else.

It progressively did worsen over the years.  In March of 2016 I saw Jennell again    about another non-related issue.   During that visit the issue with my foot / toe was discussed again.  She recommended a product called Klenz for me at the time, based on her findings.  As an added benefit the toenail fungus and yeast infection all cleared up within about 6 months.          

I would highly recommend this website or Jennell’s services to anyone!"

H. Culligan, Canada

Helpful Foods and Foods You Need to Avoid

Helpful known foods

  • Kiwi fruit
  • Daily doses of oregano
  • yogurt 

Yogurt should be natural, plain, no sugars added, such as organic Kiefer, and yogurt made from coconut is highly beneficial.  Check the labels to ensure you see ‘live bacterial cultures’ and not cream or sugar (that isn't yogurt that will benefit you, this is dessert!) 

Foods you MUST avoid

  • Sugar
  • Dairy

You want to avoid all foods that will ‘feed’ the problem and encourage growth.  All forms of added sugar, as opposed to those found naturally in honey or fruit should be strictly avoided.   Dairy products should also be eliminated as they are equally known to feed the issue and create added mucus. 

Alternative milk products such as rice or nut milks are ok, as well as fermented products like the yogurt mentioned above.   Cheese is acceptable in small amounts, sometimes.

An over growth has been linked with various forms of cancermeaning if there is no yeast in your body, cancer would be highly unlikely.

And finally, vaginal drug products cannot guarantee that the problem is gone.  You might believe so as the symptoms could be alleviated for a while, and likely found elsewhere in the body too, but are seen as much less obvious to you. 

This condition is NOT limited to only women but men as well, AND it can be found 'anywhere' in your system or body.  

Not certain if you or someone you know has yeast?  Take this Simple Health Test and find out.

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